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1/8/2012 c7 Feel You Flowing In My Veins
I like your story so far it's pretty good. You have sorta long chapters that I read fairly quickly which surprised lol I love it. And I read your profile about manga. If you like romance and vampires, read the Bloody Kiss manga. If you already have great :)
12/30/2011 c23 killerkillua19
ms. author please update soon can't wait to read what would happen next "curiosity kills the cat or at least it tried to kill the cats owner :) piz"
12/23/2011 c23 killerkillua19
oh! i'm sorry miss author but i don't have an account in cause sad to say i don't know how to make one T_T.

but i do have an facebook account if you want i could add you there piz :)...

"by the way this chapter of yours is really awesome as in i couldn't say anything more than whoaw! it's awesome and it is sending chills on my spine (kilig much) and i can't take off my eyes off the screen 0_0"
12/19/2011 c23 6Princess Mei Mikan
next next next! i want next chap asap! XD
12/18/2011 c23 Serenity012
Sorry for the late review, I'm on a vacation so I kinda read your story late, anyways.. it really amaze me every time i read the next chapters of your stories.. the plots are getting better and better.. Mikan is great being Natsume's Rasa.. hope you update soon. I'll still be waiting for your stories even if I'm on vacation.. hehe
12/17/2011 c23 4RainyDae
OMG Mikan's gone all Badass Mafia Boss saying "Talk"... or it was only me thinking that way... BUT SERIOUSLY! thats frekin awesome... XD

Damnit...It seems Mochu is on my 'list'... =.= I didnt want to have to do this... *Some crashing is heard in Mochu's room as well as screams*


-After I'm done spazzing-

yeah... I'm SOOOO not normal... :/ Didnt hit my head or anything like that-hell nothing even touched my head...

...My Brain is officially screwed...


ANYWHO! Why is Koko and Mochu following Kelindar? Whats their benifit for doing this? :\ Are they under the temptation of Aoi the only female vampire! LOL Kidding!...

Stupid Blood...Doesnt it know It's hard to get out of hair? Couldnt my arm just start bleeding instead?...

All Vampires in this fanfict: O_O B-Blood...

Me: AWW GET OUT OF HERE *Using a broom*

Bad Vampires : BWAHAHAHAH..What harm can you do little girl? Especially with a broom...

All the Good Vampires like Natsume, Ruka, and Yuu: Uh...We wouldnt say that if we were you...

mre: *evil demon eyes glaring into some certain Bad vampires souls, while holding a broom of transformed*

Bad Vampires: ...Well Sh**..

-5 seconds later-

Me: *standing over a pile of KO'ed Bad Vampires* hehe..Well I hope you post soon! :3

12/17/2011 c23 Lena
What can I say it beautiful as always and I can't stop my jump of joy I do every time you update it just complete the day update as soon as u can please :) 33
12/17/2011 c23 1xXclarecmlXx
heyyy Ritu,I love this chapter but im a bit lost after the pop of a bottle and im a bit curious about who's child did Mikan have. x) I was guessing Nastume's father. :P Overall,it's still extremely awesome,the cliff's are always a great end. :D


12/17/2011 c23 nevertheless27
12/17/2011 c23 1nightrain12345
it's so sweet how mikan said the same thing as she said before omg... and the end when she said, talk. SHE IS SO FREAKIN COOL. it's really hard to make the main characters quite perfect and likable, but you made her just like that :]]]
12/16/2011 c23 Princessblue97
Update soon ne?:D I love this story so mucchhhh :D
12/16/2011 c23 23Devilish Dream
That was interesting... Finally mikan remember few things.. With mikan everything vampirish seems to have an exception. That's a good point though.

Hotaru is cute when she act like all lovey dovey with ruka..
12/16/2011 c23 MariposaPurpleGarden
Nice chapter! Poor Natsume for having to bare the loss of his child alone. :( I hope Mikan gets her memory back or did she already get it back in this movie?
12/16/2011 c23 xxxusui0918xxx
omg! natsume was the father of mikans child!

great story. you have an amazing plot i cant believe you just made it all by yourself. good job!

update soon :D
12/16/2011 c23 6Amatsu Kurosaki
So Mochu was taken by Koko? It's so weird knowing Koko is a sniveling bad guy. And I'm very intrigued about the whole baby business. Who sired the unborn child?

You and your stories are great, keep up the good work!

Chào! ~ Amatsu (and whatever honorific you use.)
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