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for Lumânări

1/30/2013 c1 11lemondropseverus
A wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading it mostly because it is rare to see a fic which looks at the events of the barricade from the perspective of the women in the lives of the Friends of ABC. Very nicely done!


PS: "lumânări" does indeed mean candles in Romanian :)
8/14/2011 c1 89Ace of Gallifrey
This was brilliant. It's something that I think of every time I think of the Amis and what they did. Their sacrifice is so much worse because you know they had people waiting on them, people praying that they would come home safe- or at least alive. Perhaps Courfeyrac had a sister. Maybe Feuilly had a mistress. We never really knew, and the disaster of it is that in the end we know that no one is really and truly alone in the world, and there were people who wept on the seventh of June... this captures that so well.

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