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11/19/2011 c7 13ckittykatty
hey it's me. I like your story so far, but one question, why do you always make Danny a prince or something? Oh, and "Danni" is suppose to be to "Dani". Not to be mean or anything, just informing you on it.
11/19/2011 c7 141Invader Johnny
If I thought that Walker changing rules was weird then I was wrong... this chapter was weirder.

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11/19/2011 c6 Invader Johnny
Wow... Walker changed rules? That's like the apocalypse beginning one day and the other day it stops and candy starts raining from the sky! LOL.

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10/12/2011 c5 Invader Johnny
Kelly sure makes fast friends with humans and weird creatures, LOL.

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10/12/2011 c4 Invader Johnny
Sometimes I think of Clockwork as more of a stalker than a protector of time and space, LOL.

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10/9/2011 c2 13ckittykatty
congrats u always surpise me. u amuse me too. i thought the part where dannys banging his head was funny. but im still confused...
10/1/2011 c3 141Invader Johnny
Ah high school life... it has its up and downs but with ghosts involved mostly downs.

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8/7/2011 c2 101valleygirl4
ok so tell me if i got this right, danny is one of nine princes, he was stolen as a baby and raised as a human, but is really a ghost prince. There is someone trying to find him and its a girl. do i got it somewhat?
8/7/2011 c2 141Invader Johnny
Well, Danny little adventure will be unforgettable, of that I'm sure.

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8/7/2011 c1 Invader Johnny
Ah, as always Phantom has to be a part of a secret society with your fics huh?

Well it's new to me that he is now in a way asociated with Walker.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
8/7/2011 c2 1hipster-hop
Oh, Paulina is losing Star. Lol. I like it.
8/7/2011 c1 hipster-hop
I like your writing style, and Walker's new look.

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