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for Persona 3 Portable Fes:The Answer

1/8/2015 c2 3Shiny Trixie Lulamoon
Trixie mixed up words last time. your syntax was what was off. but chapter two... oh my Celestia.
everything is wrong. quite literally everything. Trixie is only reading in the high hopes you can inspire her to rewrite this in a better fashion. and don't ask Trixie what's wrong, less you want quite literally a room sized list of errors you did
12/15/2014 c1 Shiny Trixie Lulamoon
Uh, your grammar is terrible.
Like, Trixie could barely get past the prologue. it's that bad.
You need a proofreader of some sort.
7/15/2014 c10 10Kunoichi101
next chapter is shinjiro's door i can't hardly wait
9/12/2012 c8 Kunoichi101
Ken-kun, Aki...
9/12/2012 c1 Kunoichi101
I played this game as well. Takaya was voiced by Kabuto Yakushi in the japanese version. I'm a persona and naruto fan as well, btw
6/2/2012 c7 1Kally-Fragalistic
Please Update!
11/24/2011 c7 Chemical Fire
Yeah, you don't have any potential. Just putting that out there so I can remind you not to bother.
8/25/2011 c1 2bluepegasus9
Wow finally update :-) nice story

8/13/2011 c1 Guest
Nice story,update soon :-P
8/11/2011 c3 5Rainbowbutterfly16
Alright! Wow, this reminde me of P3FES where Metis made her entrance at the game. This time, It's Shinjiro's twin brother! Is he really Shijiro's twin brother? or is he like Metis? Anyway you did great when you describing how FeMc's persona made its apperance at the scene. I wonder who is going to place Yukari's place for being jelosy to Shijiro about inherit FeMc's ability. Anyway, thank you for upload your story.
8/9/2011 c2 Rainbowbutterfly16
Oh! I love how the story goes right now. And I am so exciting about this new character about to show off. Is he your OC ir something? Just curious, you don't need to tell me. Anyway, great story!

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