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10/13/2018 c30 2EmlynMara
Interesting story. Can’t wait to see how it is all resolved. Love Remus’s new calling.
9/18/2018 c30 queen-at-d-throne
please continue on writing this story, I know the battle will be good.
9/5/2018 c30 Guest
that is good. update soon please.
8/9/2018 c30 11Anastasian-Dreamer
I don't suppose you have any plans to continue the story, do you?
7/27/2018 c1 mumphie
What about Neville and Luna? They weren't involved in MOB's plot...
7/15/2018 c30 melarem
7/14/2018 c30 Carol145
Update soon? Love it so far :)
6/21/2018 c30 tamashiyuki
Very good!
Be continued?
6/14/2018 c14 13Ryuu842
Thank you. I hate that Snape was dark, but at least he wasn't loyal to Dumbledork.
5/17/2018 c30 1Kiochii
Omg I hope you pick this up again I’m loving it and that’s sing something because I usually detest crossovers lol
3/8/2018 c30 shadowwolf2345
So far it's been very good I hope you can come up with more to this.
2/25/2018 c30 Guest
Just dose the entire school except the Resistance, and after securing the building they can sort the children out and revive them in smaller batches to better manage any dangerous reactions. Or send the lot of them to Beauxbatons along with a few well-informed people to direct the sorting of the dosed students into said batches, allowing them to keep "likely to be a problem" students incapacitated longer term without harming any child or risking Dumb Stunts by Desperate Morons injuring their classmates.
Loads of problems minimized or negated that way.

Honestly if Hogwarts had modern sprinkler systems I'd want to rig them with the potions, along with the showers, then let her douse everyone. Ta-da. Alas that is one thing they didn't need to mimic, and the grenade-version of the plan can be re-used for nearly any setting.
2/16/2018 c4 Balagor
Still working through the story, but it is interesting. Decently written and thus definitely readable.

Definitely Evil!Dumbledore and Bad!Ron, Ginny and Molly. The Bad!Herminone and Evil!Arthur are definitely rare, but serve as a good reason for Harry to totally disassociate from England and relocate to Japan.
1/25/2018 c30 Iggy
Please update soon!
1/11/2018 c30 2Loony69
Great story here. Please update soon can't wait to hear more.
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