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1/11/2018 c30 1Jamespotter69
Uplease pdate soon please
12/12/2017 c6 Wongjunkit
Bit too much bashing
11/28/2017 c30 Gabriel
I hope the story isn't abandoned forever.
11/17/2017 c2 Andorxor
I wonder if the witch and immortality formula gem from kaito kid will be in the story
10/29/2017 c3 153slytherinsal
It'll be a shock to the system for Harry to find his school year half way through; I hope Sirius discovered that the Japanese academic year begins in April
10/18/2017 c30 Ryoji Mochizuki
really cool story, amazing. pls update soon!
10/17/2017 c29 Books85
Whoops! I just posted a review of the next chapter and compared it to some of your other work. While doing that I cited a couple of stories that I liked better than this one. Much to my chagrin I realized that while you did write Muggleborn Teacher, you did not write The Witches Conspiracy, which I read at the same time and has similar themes to Muggleborn Teacher, i.e. improving the education at Hogwarts. My apologies. I don't now of any way to go in and edit that chapter, so I am writing this review to correct my error as best I may.

Than you, again.
10/17/2017 c30 Books85
Hi, this story definitely measures up to Muggleborn Teacher, while I thin the Destiny series and The Witches Conspiracy are your best work. I figure that you have graduated from College by now and are starting your career and other time consuming aspects of Real Life. I wish you well with it, and hope that you will find the find to finish some of your work, even if it is at the rate of a chapter every few months. I will totally understand if that doesn't happen. After all I can't write fiction at all, so am in no position to criticize.

Thank you for your hard work and your generosity for sharing this and you other stories too.
10/12/2017 c30 Bosma19
Please update
10/4/2017 c30 Kawilger
Please write more, the story is so good.
8/13/2017 c30 6ChiruKaio
I like Hogwart's decision and I think Harry and Sirus will find this not less funny. I can't wait to read more
8/12/2017 c25 ChiruKaio
Luna made a mistake. The Deathly Hallows are ... the elder wand in the middle as a long line. At the end begins a circle, the stone of resurrection and around everything is the triangle that cover them all.
7/21/2017 c7 Guest
ha. ha. ha?
7/19/2017 c30 Guest
Please update soon. I am extremely eager to see what happens next.
7/19/2017 c21 Guest
You keep repeating the same sycophantic sections about Harry's past over and over again. Just keep it to "they met and shared information" and then write about what is NEW. That whole section with Neville and Lupin literally added nothing new in terms of information, besides the fact that Lupin's group used veritaserum and killed their opponents and a little more detail on how Neville helped Harry. The rest was a near copy of what you have written three times already.
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