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8/7/2011 c1 5alaison
First of all I wanted to thank you for letting me know you have posted this story. I can't yet say totally if I like it since some stories start quite good and then they hit rock bottom if you know what I mean. I really hope this doesn't happen here especially since the other stories that I've read from you are quite good just as the first chapter of this one is. It is quite good writen and I am impressed how you managed to explain everything in the first chapter without it being to cramped with information. Now to my questions am I correct in asuming that Harry is going to be paired up with Shinichi? What about him becoming Connan is that going to happen and if yes can Harry help him? Or are jumping into the show if so would you please tell me which episode? And what about Neville are we going to see more of him? You started with quite a nice introduction to him but it seemed as if you abandoned the idea you had when you decided to write that part? I am not going to tell you to update soon because well I hate when people do that it makes it sound as if we have no other life than writing fanfiction but we do. I am going to tell you to have fun writing and I really am looking forward to the next chapter!
8/7/2011 c1 Naginator
Nice love ur stories look forward to more
8/7/2011 c1 Rainbow2007
i love it
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