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for Ashes of the Past

7h c160 midnightscar17
Wheres ashs haunter/gengar
9/20 c124 Guest
Also interesting for Gary to train that Sableye that Team Rocket manipulated in canon.
9/20 c76 Guest
*Corphish and Snivy are 1st stage and not even fully evolved. Torkoal doesn't evolve. Leavanny Krokodile is fully evolved. Palpitoad is at least 2nd stage.
9/13 c43 1Jpx0999
the idea giovanni just says something which makes team rocket speechless every time they eet is hilarious
9/13 c94 1ThatOneFan
You know, every time I go back and reread this, I marvle at how much I like Giovanni. Sure, he's an evil criminal mastermind, but damn has he got class.
9/11 c75 ThatOneFan
I know this was written way before even the idea of Pokemon Journies, but I am absloutly headcanoning that trophy was the World Championship cup.
9/10 c112 Guest
How dare you create the most character ever and then have him exit stage right
this is libel! this is injustice! this is absolutely perfect!
9/5 c111 WahausRo
freaking love third fang man.
9/4 c29 25KsandraMallan
As much as I liked the old film bits, I definitely found this one much more concise and easy to get through!

also good to see Bruno again
9/4 c25 KsandraMallan
Rereading through and I have to compliment you on adding the Slowbro stuff! Great way to get past a powerful Psychic. And I did notice the Focus Sash!
9/3 c1 Guest
I remember i read this until chapters 100-120 because i had school tests. Years later i feel the necessity of finishing this story xD
8/13 c18 2KvAT
Damn, eternally gaming with Arceus is probably fun. least for the first few decades.
8/12 c6 KvAT
Nice approach to Team Rocket's true goals. The other Teams in Gen 3-6 are canonically hell-bent on fillping the whole world upside down, while canon Team Rocket is just an underground mafia; I've always had the feeling that Giovanni is too competent for Team Rocket to be 'just' an underground mafia, though.
8/12 c52 2WolkaiserDrake
if they landed in london/galar, then they could just have headed west
8/10 c144 7Mysteryfan17
OK, the Façade on a Breloom took me straight to a video of an animated nuzlock. Not sure if you ever watch them but JadenAnimations used Onion (her Breloom) in this gym and Norman's Façade... well. she gave the visual that I just pictured this time around, even if it was I believe the Slaking not a Vigoroth.
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