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for Ashes of the Past

8/17 c158 7Mysteryfan17
Max had a good reason to be concerned about Ash using too much Aura, he's actually I think the only one there that knows what happened at the Tree and what could happen if he uses too much.
8/14 c22 Guest
ANNOYINGLY over enthusiastic
8/14 c20 Guest
Maybe jessiebelle is a millionaire, and james parents are billionaires?
8/8 c16 Lycrow
is this forshadowing about Single and Rapid Strike Urshifu
8/7 c44 Freyja77
Should have sent Squirtle after Ditto as most of his moves come from his attitude and personality which couldn’t be copied by Ditto
8/3 c5 Mysteryfan17
Surprised they haven't resorted to pulling up 'Aura's Glow' and watching the Life and Travels of Ash' LOL. Lucario is my number 1 fav all time ever since he was accidently in the opening theme song. Fav movie and when Riolu hit the eps I was like "YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS" Fav chapter thus far just for them. :)
8/2 c251 Guest
So I noticed a weird discrepancy? In the scene were a few of Ash's Pokemon made it through to Alamos Goodra was one of them, if only as a gag about his apron counting as a held item, but then he doesn't show up at all during the fight and in this chapter he laments not making it through, despite the fact that he did.
7/31 c270 7Phrophetsam
So dense but so awesome. I've been rereading because I lost my position and well... I think I lost it again
7/27 c293 fandomwandererer
wait is giratina running portal support from reverse world, but unable to enter the pillar proper to aviod the trap?
7/26 c11 Guest
I love that, despite being presented as the joke brute-force option, Squirtle still ended up being the one to get through to Misty's mental self, and through some calm, simple good life advice no less.
7/26 c282 fandomwandererer
love the his dark materials ref
7/26 c281 fandomwandererer
i have a suspicuon mr suki- wasisname is a pokemon. probably a ditto bc iirc they arent great at speaking and so better fit his whole remakarble thing
7/26 c14 gabedane
So, I've come back to this chapter after watching Fate and reading some of its fanfics an I did not make the connection until about 2 days ago.
7/25 c255 fandomwandererer
wait did team plasma Silence themselves? terrifying
7/18 c181 fandomwandererer
hang on perdita x? she didn't happen to be called agnes nitt beforehand did she?
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