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4/11 c154 11LoveLifeForever
Squirtle is obviously a secret Ditto, how else can he access the powers of Palkia and Dialga to change and multiply his sunglasses? Cosplay-Chu obviously forgot how to use Transform without a little help from costume, and only acquires moves when she does it.

And so the Saga of the Ditto Conspiracy continues...

Another great chapter!
4/11 c152 LoveLifeForever
I'm not sure why Ash and Co haven't gone for the simplest solution to the members of Team Aqua and Magma:


Seriously, why hasn't he been called in to A) Capture the Admins and Jessiebelle, and B) Mind wipe every member of both teams completely. And when I say completely I mean "wouldn't recognize their best friends or family for the rest of their life" completely.

While jail might not scare them, being made to forget all that probably would. The first time a member of Team Magma runs into a former compatriot that has no idea who they are, you can bet they'd be reconsidering life choices.

Same thing goes for pokemon. The Ditto ability Transform and the Teleporter-capable Pokemon have their abilities/moves locked a la Blast Burn, with Mewtwo being their "trainer" in this case. If they can't use it responsibly then they won't get to use it at all.

Also, while Ditto copy moves, they don't copy skills. So a Ditto wouldn't be able to copy psychic prowess that isn't a specific move.

I also think a Ditto copying Legendary Pokemon doesn't work for the same reason Jirachi couldn't recreate Groudon. So the Latias Ditto needs to be explained or there would never have a been a reason to try to recapture Mewtwo. Giovanni could have created him, captured a Ditto, and had it assume his shape to put him down.

Hell, the way you set it up, Cyrus would have to convince all the Ditto and Celebi of the World to not interfere or they could just Transform into even more Dialga and Palkia and just override the originals. In fact, with those utter hax established "facts" why are there ANY major problems still in existence?

Are there really any Legendary or is it all a Hufflep- I mean Ditto Conspiracy? Is Ash's dead even dad? Does anyone really exist? AM I SECRETLY A DITTO?!

But really, get those copycat-copycats under control. They're Ditto, not Mew. Ditto might evolve into Mew (seriously, all signs in this story are pointing to that the longer it goes on) but they aren't there yet.

TL:DR; I use the word "seriously" too much. Ditto are OP hax. Only Mewtwo should be OP hax. Please nerf all Ditto.
4/11 c82 Kilthak
It seems that Misty either meteorically rose in power as a trainer in about a week (6v1 with type advantage tie compared to 2v1 type neutral win against Entei and Suicune), or that Ash training Suicune somehow made her worse.

Also compare the fact that Misty's been limited to one or two pokemon at a time and Ash has had an equally hard time with mobs of pokemon (several with type advantage).

At this point in the story it's blatant that Misty's just in a league above Ash and they somehow didn't notice. And this is the flaw: Ash has been presented as the hero thus far, only for Misty to be defineably his better as a trainer.

If that's intentional, it's a bit out of left field with Ash being the super powered hero and all. If it's not intentional perhaps keep past accomplishments in mind and compare them when writing in the future? As is, at this precise moment in the story it's blatant that Misty is the trainer with the better trained team.
4/9 c305 2maximusrexmundi
I really liked the style of this chapter. It does what I mentally already do and kinda assumes Ash will win and focuses more on the fun/exciting bits. Definitely giggled a lot. Thanks!
4/9 c119 11LoveLifeForever
...if shroomish is a Fun Guy, would Breloom, the Fighting Type, be a ... Mighty Guy? XD

The next Otaku pokemon, with the power of YOUTH!
4/6 c78 LoveLifeForever
With Keldeo following on the heels of the Hitmontop fight, all I could think when he launched Blade Beam was "Getsuga Tensho!"

Also kinda sad that Squirtle didn't come out to say hi when he heard that... unless he's not there. Kinda hard to keep track of who's in the party.
4/5 c305 Miransi
just commenting again to say that I still love this fanfic
3/31 c305 Axel363402
This is one of the best pokemon fics I've read.
3/31 c2 1avidreaded
Fuck it, not even sure which reread number this is now.
3/28 c8 2Detsella Morningdew
That Charmander scene was when I realized that I liked the Pokemon anime.

Not because I liked what was happening, but because they dared to go there. It wasn't some natural disaster that caused the terrible events, it was one stupid trainer with a bad attitude.

(Now if only I could get myself to actually watch all the rest of it. I either am binging everything, or not watching at all. There is no middle area.)
3/28 c7 Detsella Morningdew
In an ideal world, yeah, I could see Pokemon gyms giving badges for strength of character associated with the typing.

But I also see that (at least in the games), the world is hyper-focused on battling for trainers. Other parts of society use Pokemon with more diversity in use, but other things, like "you can't say no to a Pokemon battle, no matter the state of your team" and "you can't forfeit a Pokemon battle, no matter the state of your team" are rules that make me think the world isn't so ideal. When I first played Pokemon, I cared for my team so much that certain more competitive strategies (mostly to do with strategically fainting a Pokemon) were unthinkable, and poison felt so incredibly cruel.

I can, of course, come up with headcanon to make things a bit better, like thinking of fainting in an even lighter context (of just not being able to battle, not actually unconscious), but still. The society still seems problematic without adjustments.
3/27 c1 Detsella Morningdew
I need to start just going down your list of stories and reading them, rather than randomly finding your work in people's favorites list and reading it then.

It'd save me a lot of time, certainly, but I've never been that good at doing things the smart way.
3/27 c305 4RT89
I've been readying this for a year and finally caught up. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter. If I might make a suggestion, have Arcus at the back of Ash's team. She literally asked for his best, if she makes into the back of the team I think she's eared the right.

May your muse never quite.
3/23 c11 Guest

3/18 c17 Unknown
Is her brother that collector guy (I forget his name) who tried to collect Moltres, Articuno, zapdos, and lugia? The one who started his collection with the mew card? (I find it ironic how I can remember those little details but not the guy’s name.)
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