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for Ashes of the Past

9/9 c247 elixirmaster
idk how you always make the various leagues so satisfying.
9/8 c238 elixirmaster
Barry is a riot.
9/8 c173 Hellboybu
you cant take the power level to heart its all over the place
9/8 c234 elixirmaster
The illusion pokemon were great in this. fantastic all around too
9/5 c87 8Touhara Naoya
For the Pokémon Trainer's Choice, it's narrated by Ash, he's never been the best at type charts
9/5 c216 elixirmaster
"Having picture journals for a whole extra-size family of Eevee, as they grew from barely hatched up to their adult forms – and whatever they evolved into – would be a lovely bit of visual art."
Shut up and take my money!
9/5 c215 elixirmaster
I never heard of this mirage thingy, was really well done. that scientist is genius and so stupid lol
9/4 c189 TheAverageJoeIsMe
Nice to see some Zinnia! I approve!
9/4 c187 TheAverageJoeIsMe
Zinnia was one of my favorite characters in the games. I really hope she gets some spotlight in this version of events.
9/4 c299 2WolkaiserDrake
he?, he said more than one word? that's just, remarkable
8/30 c126 Hellboybu
why are ash legendary getting weaker as soon he catchs them?
he needs a full team to catch them but a other trainer needs pnly one to defeat them...
the power level is unstable
8/30 c263 WolkaiserDrake
poor dexter
8/28 c253 WolkaiserDrake
I want them to get back at that mismagiouse
8/26 c258 1DemonWolf25
Wait, ur saying that pink butterfree is shiny? So what they r more colors in the world then what r nown?
8/26 c176 Mr Darklord
What's your plan with ash's father? Is he really dead? Like what happened to Sir aaron and lucario?
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