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for Ashes of the Past

8/25 c230 2WolkaiserDrake
imagine if that deoxys started a food critic blog
8/23 c55 Mr Darklord
You know, there's something with ashes of the past. No matter how many times you read it, it still captivating to read.

Kinda daunting with 305 chapters, but, meh, it's worthwhile to read it.
8/20 c191 WolkaiserDrake
now I want that entei plushie
8/20 c190 WolkaiserDrake
could have had made Hoopa place one ring infront of the astroid and one on the other side of earth to just pass it through, unless it couldn't make the rings that large
8/18 c1 clayfun2
is anybody willing to give me a zamazaenta i dont care the level for a lvl 100 silvally or a lvl 70 landorus on pokemon sword and sheild. PM me the link code and my user name is isaac
8/16 c250 8BoredZero
it has taken me far too long to notice Caliburn.
8/14 c111 2WolkaiserDrake
that hydra just want to cuddle
8/12 c59 Br2nd66
im in tears laughing what's that gonna to be called,, unholy conflagration
8/12 c86 WolkaiserDrake
why, is raikou doing a gym crawl? does he want to face ash that much to enter the league?
8/11 c304 1Bast Misao
I noticed in this chapter that you mention a mega slowing. But after some checking, it seems that, unlike slowbro, slowing doesn't have a mega stone.
8/9 c84 1I Before A Except After K
It's not "Team Cipher", just Cipher. Neither Colosseum nor XD ever refers to them as "Team" Cipher. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. It's like referring to the Aether Foundation from Sun and Moon as "Team Aether".
8/8 c9 2WolkaiserDrake
Tengen Toppa Squirtle Squad!
8/8 c8 WolkaiserDrake
risk, but with a time travel element, that could work
7/30 c175 TheAverageJoeIsMe
Sir Aaron and the God Squad sounds like it would be a parody YA Novel. Something like Disenchantment or Galavant.
7/29 c62 Guest
Brock: I wish for a Water Type
Cough Marshtomp and Ludicolo Cough
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