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for Ashes of the Past

7/29 c53 Guest
Why didn’t you just evolved Bugsy’s Scyther into Scizor?
7/27 c168 TheAverageJoeIsMe
The Cynthia bit makes me curious about Sinnoh and how many people Ash is actually able to restore over there. Part of me hopes that Paul can't be restored so he only has the memories of the current Ash and possibly fears him to an extent. And really, if you only heard the legends and saw his televised battles, why wouldn't you be afraid of him? He's practically becoming the All Might of the Pokemon universe in power and reputation.
7/25 c296 Crakaz
Why did what Mawile say hit so hard?
7/24 c22 44Lonly Wanderer
I like this version of Brock and it is believable, as while it is a kids series he still doesn't try to grope/feel up/do any normal pervert behaviour, what he does is declare his love to practically every woman he meets.
He's undeniably a flirt but that's about it really.
7/24 c186 Pecan Crisp
Calling it now. More Time shenanigans cause Sparky to either become an Alolan Raichu, or cause him to be the reason they exist.
7/23 c305 Guest
Thank you for making a genuinely good time travel Fic! The bond between mawile and ash is so wholesome and pure!
7/22 c154 TheAverageJoeIsMe
Game/Competitive Players: No! You can't have multiple Megas in a fight! Trainers get one each in every battle!

This Fic: Haha stones go brrr.
7/21 c145 TheAverageJoeIsMe
I wonder how long it'll take until Squirtle gets Torcoal into anime as well. It'd be fun to have two turtle weebs on the roster.
7/20 c136 TheAverageJoeIsMe
Skittie would get along with Camie from MHA.
7/20 c286 arsenicminds
rereading this, im realizing how sobering this one is. i cant imagine how jaded you can become after doing your best and everything still going to ruins and not being able to figure out what went wrong
7/19 c75 Guest
"Immediately between them and the time-distortion bubble, though, were three Mewtwo. One who looked like the one he'd met in Unova, one the familiar Mewtwo he knew, and another who looked different entirely – almost as much Fighting type as Psychic" and "uncertain terrain" so it's probably Arceus's pocket dimension...nice connection and the gs ball
7/19 c6 Guest
7/18 c305 Amargi'sNodachi
Wow. Amazing. Definitely the best Pokémon fic out there.
7/16 c23 Guest
'the hidden village of the turtle', Vermilion gym battle, cosplaychu and the list goes on...
That's a lot of Naruto references...
7/16 c1 Guest
"In that second of absolute stillness, Ash thought to himself – using the, or a, Legendary Pokémon capable of controlling time simply to avoid having to answer some awkward questions... that really took some beating" lol never thought Arceus can be this funny
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