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for The Left Hand of the Death God

10/4 c3 4theguyinblue
The writing was good and the potential is solid. It's a shame it didn't go far but I understand.
7/19 c2 Guest
4/22/2020 c3 Death Lantern
Ichigo mooning on a loli is completely out of character. Besides abusive shorties are not his type. Otherwise he would have married rukia not Orihime.
4/22/2020 c3 Death Lantern
Why is Ichigo tolerating this insufferable little twit again?
4/4/2020 c3 3Lord Jace
A shame this seems abandoned, the writing is good.
6/14/2019 c3 Saint Damz
loved it.. hope you continue this
3/19/2019 c3 7Alan975
oohhh love it... it's just a small brake, right?
2/6/2019 c3 1huongdaoroma
I was hoping this story would be longer to see Ichigo steamrolling everyone XD
10/13/2018 c3 Bluzerker
Glad to have read this even though it’s abandoned. It’s still nice to read.
5/18/2018 c3 Dauntes
It really is too bad you abandoned this series. If you ever read this, thanks so much for what you did write. It was thoroughly appreciated, I just wish you wrote more. :P

Thanks again. :)
5/8/2018 c3 23Dantrlan
the importance you give to that dwarf bitch and see ichigo as a dog wagging his tail from one side to another gives me so much disgust
5/6/2018 c3 1dreaddragonknight
Huh Guiche is more of a douche then in cannon. Also Ichigo once more proves how much of a protagonist he is. Also I am guessing the whole reality warping thing is because of his higher state he got into to fight Aizen
5/6/2018 c2 dreaddragonknight
Ok clearly Ichigo is 110% done with everyone’s shit even after forgetting like half the context for his memories. Also he has learned from the past and just beat the shit out of the Runes spirit cause he clearly didn’t want another incident like with Hollow Zangetsu
5/6/2018 c1 dreaddragonknight
Interesting so far, so did the soul king and his guard just choose to imprison Ichigo while he was alone because of his quincy side? Cause that is how I am seeing events
4/27/2018 c3 ThornNeverCries
Are you dead? If you are, can you please turn into a zombie and finish this brilliant story?.
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