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3/2/2019 c1 7GKForte044
first read this story when I was 14 and definitely one of the first stories I loved in this site. Now I'm 20, I'm still in love with this. I'm aware of how hard it is to write a next chapter (since I always experience this) but I still hope that this story will continue on someday. if not, then I'm happy that you are able to share this masterpiece to the fans of both ZnT and MMZX.
12/9/2016 c6 DualGear
Hope this can get an update sometime in the near future
9/2/2016 c6 nerothekid456
Dude where in the bloody Pitts of hell is chapter 7? Update plz I wanna continue reading this cringe worthy masterpiece.
6/25/2015 c1 ZERO
Still no chapter 7 yet?
3/6/2015 c3 wallacemartin98
If you don't intend for yuri, You should probably change the pledge a bit_

Ventus Aerius, Glacius Passio, Flamma Vis, Umbra Profess, Lumine Infinitus, Fortitude Creed
1/24/2015 c6 ZERO
When's chapter 7 and 8?
11/26/2014 c5 ZERO
Still no chapter 7 yet?
9/15/2014 c6 ZERO
Still no chapter 7 yet?
8/28/2014 c5 ZERO
Still no chapter 7 yet?
3/25/2014 c6 3coronadomontes
interesante, tu fanfic realmente me sorprendiĆ³, aprovechas muy bien el canon mientras alteras la historia, realmente un buen trabajo
3/12/2014 c6 Imhotep99301
Please update soon as I have really enjoyed the story so far and I can't wait to read more.
1/30/2014 c1 1amerdism
when will you be updating
11/27/2013 c6 1The Writer Of Fate
I will find you and kill you in your sleep if you let this story die.

I swear it.
11/5/2013 c6 1Sulimo
Hmm, the only real grammar issues I keep seeing include things like past/present tense confusion and run-on sentences. Even though the story is written in the past tense, dialogue and quotes and thoughts should always be written in the present tense, not the past, unless the characters are talking about an event that happened in the past. For instance, THIS is wrong...

*"Hurried up!" She shouted as she banged on the door with her fist.
"This was as fast as I could go," the voice on the other side replied.*

...but THIS is right:

*"Hurry up!" She shouted as she banged on the door with her fist.
"This is as fast as I can go," the voice on the other side replied.*

While this mistake is pretty minor when it only happens once, unfortunately it seems to happen a lot in your writing, however unintentional it may be. Maybe that's what the guest was talking about when they said you should reread for grammar mistakes?

Anyway, the chapter was a little filler-ey, but that's to be expected when you write a chapter about a filler episode. We did meet Saito there at the end, though, so I'm curious to find out how he got to Halkegenia and what'll happen with him in the plot. :) I can't really blaim the other reviewers for thinking that this is a yuri fic; after all, there HAS been a lot of lesbian fan-service and characters questioning their sexuality.

I love how you portray the biometals. But I think there was a typo somewhere in this past chapter where Aile told someone there were seven extra souls inside of her body when I think you meant to say there are seven total souls inside of her body. Or maybe I'm just hallucinating, I don't know.

So when will you update next?
11/5/2013 c5 Sulimo
I maintain that Model A was actually based on Axel, and that Albert claimed it was "his biometal" because he's a lying douche. I mean, the biometals are containers for dead heroes' souls, right? How could Model A contain Albert's soul and Albert still be alive? I don't think horcruxes are a thing in Megaman. Besides, not only does the Model A merge look like Axl and with the same colour scheme and weapons as Axl, BUT the biometal's personality itself is also just like Axl's. Also, A is for Axl the same way X is for X and Z is for Zero, because the three of them were partners in the later Megaman X games. If Model A was actually based on Albert, these things wouldn't just coincidentally line up the way they do.

Sorry, I kind of get carried away when it comes to Megaman headcanons like that one. I'm done with my theoretical rant. DX I just thought I'd let you know my opinion on something you said in your A/N. Anyway, time to keep reading...
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