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for Wolf in Girl's Clothing

12/30/2012 c1 12NyanCat13
Incredible story. Wearing clothes, to San, really must be just like wearing another skin to her, what a good way of describing her thoughts on them!

To let you know, I really am quite impressed, you've put so much work into this- it was absaloutly beautiful-Well Done! :)
9/26/2011 c1 45shelter
I like the way your story is like a camera. It gives me, the reader, a detailed insider-ish probe into the body of this young woman here. It's almost voyeuristic, shamelessly revealing to the point of being enjoyable. It's not the kind of style I'd associate with a character like San or any of the other Ghibli heroines because too much detail increases their humanity (or at least in San's case, increases her animal-likeness).

The only (minor) fault I can see with this story are the reference points for your metaphors and imagery. It's fine to refer to San as having "soft skin that has stretched and pulled and pushed out to the new shape of her". But because she is feral and wild (or at least that's the idea you want me to have), a comparative reference to "standards of men and women" or even "rusty springs" seems a bit too human for her.

Other than that, this story was a surprise when I did my monthly return back to the Mononoke-Hime archive. If I do write more fanfiction for Mononoke-Hime or any of the Ghibli related films, I think your fic will be the standard I would like to base my stories on.
8/18/2011 c1 3Sachahaditeasy
That was so good I just can't let that one go !

Amazingly beautiful, heart-breakingly smart.

Great, great work.

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