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3/6 c29 1EmicaEerie
Dang I thought this was a complete story. Well I guess I'll not see the end of it then considering it hasn't been updated on two years. Good luck with your other endeavors
11/24/2021 c29 Su-Ltan
I look forward to a new chapter!
10/27/2021 c30 1DJArla
Hey. Really enjoyed what you’ve written of this so far. Part of me wished Severus followed Petunia into the same house but I like the dynamics you’ve created between the characters. Hope you update again soon!
10/21/2021 c30 1Daughter Poseidon
6/7/2021 c30 Hannah Montez
Hey! I LOVE THIS STORY! Will you make more chapters?
2/28/2021 c30 3Ferm
Congrats on the book!

This was a very nice little story. The characters were well developed. Loved your Frank and Lupin. Sev seemed very mature lol. No surprise you have a published book!
2/28/2021 c14 Ferm
I want to see Remus' face when he learns Sev's a half-blood! I like this Lupin. Your characters are well balanced!
2/28/2021 c12 Ferm
Petunia being worried is really good. It would be heartbreaking if she started agreeing with the marauders, but atleast she's choosing to support him, as compared to Lily's blind faith that would inevitably change into lack thereof.
2/28/2021 c5 Ferm
The song was great! Slytherins was very mysterious. Sev seems to have a much better support system this tike around. Who knew petunias support could change so much
1/3/2021 c30 WysteriaHysteria
I just got done binging this! I was reading until around 2am when I had to force myself to put my phone down and get some sleep! I love that Severus has more friends in your story and that petunia gets to spend more time with her sister
11/11/2020 c30 17Child of Dreams
11/11/2020 c22 Child of Dreams
Aragog's mate was Mosag, not Magog.
8/18/2020 c29 ReviewerDWJ
This is an awesome au. I hope you start updating it again. Looking forward to the next chapter.

7/30/2020 c7 Fashionista
I would have slapped then kicked James and Sirius in the balls 5 times
5/24/2020 c30 olaeczka
I love it all none the less
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