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6/17/2013 c3 Guest
4/2/2012 c3 9GRITS girls raised in south
I love this! Please add more even if it's just one more chapter to tie up the loose ends.
9/11/2011 c3 Alyssa Mason
^Ah, I agree about the finale!

And this is good! Update!
9/11/2011 c2 Alyssa Mason
This was fucking amazing!
8/24/2011 c3 1jade8Dchalek
first alek nd chloe should kiss right in front of brian cuz that will tourture him then kill him right in front of his dad to tourture him and then kill brians dad...thats what id do but im kinda crul expessually after he killed chloe and slashed aleks beautiful face :(...but thats just my opinion :)
8/22/2011 c3 4Godess of the Sands
Aw you have to end it already, you just started, I'm glad Brians dead
8/21/2011 c3 92funE4U
8/18/2011 c3 Goddess-Divine-05
Holy kittens, Alek is like SO primal right now! I LOVE IT!
8/17/2011 c3 Lil5weetie
I say kill thrpem but I have no concept of how you would do that.
8/17/2011 c3 3cklovewinter
Chloe and Alek are just so cute!

Kill Brian! Kill his dad too!
8/16/2011 c3 JMS123
It's really good plz continue and do you know if the rumors that tnlock will be canceled are true?
8/16/2011 c3 2whentherainfallsdown
JASMINE AND VALENTINA D: I was so sad. I'm hoping they're not dead. As for Alek, he'd better kill Zane. -_-
8/16/2011 c3 chloeandalekforev
Soooo not crappy I love it dent stop updating
8/16/2011 c3 21ginnyforthewinny
Omg, the summer finale was absolutely the most wonderful thing I ever watched. Especially at the end when Brian is dead. I went around my house screaming, "yes! yes! Brians dead! he's dead!" and I was so excited. I was praying for him to be killed off all season. loll. andreallyhope that Valentina and jasmine like magically come backto life or something because I can't stand to see then die. And Zane? Aleks brother? WTF? Why would he even be tht mean. What about jonathan? Aka chloes dad. Ushered he at? I mean, has he been the one emailing her or was it the order? I just don't understand. Because if it wasn't him where is he now? Okay well this is like the longest review ever sooo bye now!
8/16/2011 c3 DancingInTheDarkness
LOL everyones shocked faces just bc valentina smirked HAHAHAHA love it next soon!
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