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4/25/2016 c13 Me

YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHI- *friend covers mouth*
Sorry, bout that
2/21/2016 c12 Guest
Boy's name, Lucifer. Girl's name Elara
2/21/2016 c11 Guest
I HATE you Cloud
2/21/2016 c9 Guest
OMG ,I LOVE ouran high school host club !
1/10/2015 c3 Guest
This is very poorly written. I suggest spell check. Or even better. A dictionary. Thrown at your face. Also. Do you know how this all works!? You cannot get pregnant while on your period. Your body is flushing out the egg and uterus lining. Also I DOUBT the doctor would have said those things to Chloe. I love the characters but I feel that you have changed them too much from how Kelley Armstrong created them to be.
8/30/2014 c13 Guest
Okay so Rea, do you mean Rae from the original series or some new character?
9/28/2013 c4 What
Omg! You barley know how to spell, and this story is going by way to fast and makes no sense
2/18/2013 c12 Guest
damion and alexandra
1/20/2013 c12 hannah strack
girls: jessica, sara, hanna, mrissia katelyn. or elizabeth so she can be named after liz.
boys: dammien, marcus joeshia, eathan,samullel, jacob, domminic
1/20/2013 c12 2amber-lee.fang
what about jayla and hunter
1/20/2013 c12 1alicelover520
I think the boy should be cyan and the girl should be avenue...nice dont cha think?
1/19/2013 c12 1LiaLao
Love it! I noticed a while ago that you were goin to have new characters? Is that not happen
1/17/2013 c11 no just no
WORK on your fucking spelling it is bad very bad.
1/7/2013 c11 ethan.lukkar
Great story can not wait for more please update soon
12/31/2012 c11 EmoRocker 98
...Gr you must update soon!
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