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6/4 c18 25Shannon K
I know it has been years since you had anything to do with this story, but I would love to see it finished. This has been fun to read.
9/6/2015 c1 someone
can u translate it to portuguese?
8/1/2014 c2 Guest
malcolm spellman, paradi oh
5/24/2014 c18 Guest
I wish you would continue
this is an interesting story
4/11/2014 c18 Guest
UPDATE! I'm loving this story and want to know what will happen next.
9/17/2013 c18 WishUponADragon
Loved it! I actually think I like this better than the original Lorien books. :D Great job!
11/18/2012 c6 sapalmoun koun
im number seven hehehehehe
11/18/2012 c5 graballla rome
its power i lke it
11/18/2012 c4 aliison medina
amerika or paradies idont unerstand
11/18/2012 c3 Guest
malcolm ? alice jewenerel-its me
11/18/2012 c2 Guest
hi every one I'just give you all one simple question the question is (MELCOLM SPELLMAN PARADISE OH )is true or not and you all like i am number 4 so if you have the Answer of this question just call me 012 -01011109 IM THE GIRLS
9/1/2012 c2 John smith
Well why couldn't he just find his real dad or his mom instead of this
7/9/2012 c18 tremerid
Well, as always when Tremors is involved, this is a strange story. However, while being a bit strange, it is also heartwarming seeing broken families coming back together. I know this hasn't been updated in a while, but I will check back for updates now and again anyway, simply because I like the story so much.

Keep it coming when you are able.


10/30/2011 c18 21Duchess67
*happy shriek* Heather could be little Ten's Cepan! Could she and Burt get back together, eventually? PLEASE? I certainly don't want anything to happen to the baby's mother, but it would be so cool for Heather to work out as the baby's Cepan, or at least be a backup for Burt with Six. Six needs a mother figure as well as Burt for a father figure. *g*

Burt's gonna need a bigger place now, with all those houseguests. *giggle* I'm glad Heather didn't shoot Bernie Kosar, but I hope Nancy had permission before hand to tell Heather about the Loric's secrets. I'm hoping that because of the invitation, that was the case.

That ceremony was so sweet, I loved it. *happy sigh*
10/23/2011 c17 Luzith
I loved it. Especially all the interaction between characters. Thanks for the Henri/John scene. :)

And very cool that you considered the future of another generation of Garde. And that some remnant of their culture survives.
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