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10/23/2011 c17 3windharmony
Awesome, mom! (yes I'm letting everyone in the world know your my mom! XP)Amazing chapter, I can't wait for more! Happy dance!
10/23/2011 c17 21Duchess67
*vbg* Awwww, this is soooo worth the wait! I loved this chapter. john and Henri's talk in the desert night, Sarah discovering the new Garde baby, the discussion of her chest and Six mentioning how happy she is with her new Cepan. *two thumbs up*

Now what's the new Garde's name gonna be? *curious*

Oh and how's your girl, all recovered? *hoping so*
10/19/2011 c16 Luzith
Love it. Can't wait for more. Throw in a Henri and John scene for me?
10/18/2011 c16 3windharmony
Hey, mom! Get your butt in gear and update! Lol! Please? -begs- O.O
9/25/2011 c16 21Duchess67
LOL Oh I really should have expected that one. John playing with El Blanco... *laughing helplessly*

I love how that revelation went and that John is happy for Henri.

"Keep your hands in the boat", huh? What was it, pray tell. A great white, an Orca, what? *giggle*
9/19/2011 c15 Duchess67
Good ol' Burt, he sure can be counted on to think of the "unusual" ways of doing things. Those two ought to get along pretty well. LOL

Will burt take Sam and his father in too? Or at least take Sam under his wing and teach him about all the firearms and stuff too? *curious*
9/15/2011 c14 Duchess67
Awww, now Six has her very own Cepan again. How did Burt know she was Six though? *curious*

I like this version of Six better in some ways. She's not as broken. The canon Six was captured by the Mog when she was like, twelve or so and her Cepan killed in front of her. Without her Legacies, she was unable to help in any way. She spent YEARS on her own and is not adverse to modern weaponry. She handles it well, as a matter of fact. Will you let that carry over into your fic? I can see Burt being thrilled to pieces about that! *vbg*

Oh and will you let THIS Six be able to call up and control storms, lightnight, etc., like in the books? Will that be a Legacy she gets later? Because honestly, that is so freakin' cool it's unreal. Flash frying Mog where they stand? Excellent!
9/13/2011 c13 Duchess67
*g* Sarah is a celebrity, of sorts, already in Perfection. I hope she can convince her parents to stay there long enough for John and company to arrive. *g*

You're going to need to add a Number soon... ;)
9/13/2011 c12 Duchess67
*happy shriek* Oh my gosh, I'm so glad that little bombshell went over well!

Sam found his DAD? Oh I'm so happy for him, but I really hope he's able to heal up well from what all was done to him!

Lady you need to email me. I've read the second book and it's ... Oh my gosh, I have to complain! LOL
8/26/2011 c11 Duchess67
LOL So Katie is a better shot than Burt, huh? That's great! Will Burt fall for her? Oh, did Katie's one die back on Lorien? I thought you implied that earlier.

Um, should Katie have called Betty her Garde in front of the putz? Maybe she should have said, Charge instead? The man IS an agent, after all and can't be so thick as to not notice something odd like that, right?

How is it that the locator thingy works with Eric as well as John? *curious*
8/23/2011 c10 Duchess67
*happy shriek* Oh good, I'm so glad Mindy didn't freak out at him and agreed to the wedding so quickly! *giggle*

Um, was it safe for Betty and Katie to go to Paradise? *worried now* What about the other Mog who showed up after John and Six destroyed half the High School?

I kinda feel a little sorry for Sam's mom, isn't she worried about her boy?
8/20/2011 c8 Duchess67
Crap yes, I missed this chapter the first time around. Darnit!

Well I've seen it now and it is DARLING! *giggle*
8/19/2011 c9 Duchess67
What did that little turd, Melvin do to Mindy? I missed too much of the series!

Aw, Henri did a nice thing for John's One and I love the fact he ruined Melvin all because of what the mini-creep did to HIS One. *chuckle* So John would have lost it on him, huh? Good thing he didn't know about it then. *g*

Nancy is planning their wedding already? LOL Oh my gosh, I LOVE that! *giggle*

Hey, Burt didn't automatically say no, so maybe he'll agree. And now Henri's sister is coming (with her charge in tow) too? Ultra-cool! *vbg*
8/14/2011 c7 Duchess67
LOL Leave it to a Mama to KNOW when a man is interested in her daughter. Oh, poor Henri is in for it now, so he might as well come clean and when he does, I'm betting Nancy melts. On the other hand, she could just go for a baseball bat. *snicker*
8/13/2011 c6 Duchess67
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