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for Near Death Experience

3/5/2012 c21 ervn92
3/5/2012 c21 Hollyheart777
Amazing as usual... Although, I'm certain I've said that before... Anyways, I stayed up late reading Chapter 20 last night, the first night I'd seen it was up, and was very pleasantly surprised to see this one up so quickly! It's just getting better and better! Can't wait for more!
3/5/2012 c21 Cerberusx
So you made Pale Hoof look like a living pony now. I'm not surprised, but I'm so excited to see where this will go!
3/5/2012 c1 halozombie298
I love this story! There's never a dull moment to be found and it's filled with dark humor!
3/5/2012 c20 Gazing Eye
am i the only one who wants to see death start an apocolypse out of spite? :P
3/3/2012 c20 Evil Paladin

a thing

I like that Pale Hooves essentially went through a Dr. Horrible transformation after finding his cutie mark.

I look foward to more in this fic. Ive been following it since I think the second or third chapter.
3/3/2012 c20 David LaFollette
this is a great chapter and show that death never truly did fight discord. all he really he did was knock him back and wounded him. so if death were to fight discord while the other 6 pony to find the elements Celestia would probable give death a second chance. that and Luna still holds high hopes for death. you really know how to wright your self out of a corner with out any plot holes. can't what for the fight with death and discord.
3/2/2012 c20 jman377355
The best chapter yet, I love the origin parts and this one is particularly good. Can't wait to see Death's next move, keep it up!
3/2/2012 c20 Cerberusx
Awesome chapter mate! I really liked to this chapter, as it explained all about Pale Hoof's history. He is such an awesome character. I'm so looking forward to seeing what you do next with this story. Especially with Pale Hoof.

I imagine that he will go into a depression and the ghosts/souls of ponies will walk Equestria and not be reaped. And the Princess and the Mane 6 will find out because of Thunderhead and Philomel will tell them that Death no longer cares about his job anymore. But this is all speculation.
3/2/2012 c20 5KonekoRyuugamine
Please let Pale Hoof and Pinwheel have a happy ending . . .

This is awesome, and it HAs to have a happy ending!
3/2/2012 c20 ILSS
Ugh. Grimdark Discord? Pale Hoof is Luna and Celestia's brother?

This story has taken a sharp turn for the worse.
2/26/2012 c19 jman377355
Damn, I hate cliffhangers. Can't wait for more!
2/26/2012 c17 jman377355
Well that went swimmingly, more of a disaster than I expected.
2/26/2012 c16 jman377355
Good chapter, like how Death reacted here.
2/22/2012 c19 DoctorWhooves
Now i really cant wait for next chapter.

This could end here and we could have a tragic but realistic story.

But we love our happy endings and fun so wonder whats next, he quitting his job and making all immortal thinking that will please Pinwheel?
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