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for Forget Me Not Blue

6/5/2019 c5 James Birdsong
Nice five chapters
7/26/2016 c5 Marigold firea
Awwwww loved this haha ridiculous but it so captured Harry potters writing style. Bring it back please!
3/27/2014 c5 Fran
This is so interesting! Are you going to finish it?
1/1/2013 c5 13RavenclawRebel
This is absolutely amazing! I know it's been a really long time since your last update, but I really really hope you finish this!
8/4/2012 c5 Eventide Emerald
I like this story. Write more!
6/24/2012 c5 Dreamstar offline
Awwww poor dory! Update soon!
6/18/2012 c1 cheezy
hahah that was great :)

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