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for A Lily's Scorpion

8/5/2017 c18 1assjingle
5/23/2017 c28 2SomeKind0fMagic
That was amazing
11/12/2016 c28 Guest
This is the BEST fanfic EVER!️️️️️
10/4/2015 c1 Guest 555555
11/28/2013 c1 10ILoveLilies13
Hello I just saw your review on my story and since I couldn't use PM I though I would leave you a message this way. Thank you for answering my question I understand now thanks to your explanation.

I don't know what beta just so you know but next time I will read and re-read and re-read my story for my mistakes. The reason there is mistakes, is that I am ill and I couldn't concentrate so I posted the chapter without checking it just so everyone had something to read and when I'm better I was going to check and change it. But thank you for your tip.

Erm...I don't want to ruin the story so I can't explain why Lily is in a loving relationship at her age and I am aware of true love is at 16 and all that, including what you pointed out BUT it's for the story! Now that I have told you that it's part of the plot you've probably guessed what I was going to do. Oh well if you have and if you haven't yay!

Thanks for the tips and I hope you will read the rest of my story as soon as it's written.

A budding young author inspired by you! ILoveLilies13 x
11/26/2013 c16 ILoveLilies13
Hello from England! I'm guessing your from America or somewhere like that. If your not I'll be blushing like mad from my mistake. You see, I'm like Hermione Granger. Smart,sensible and always right. But anyway enough about me!

I am really enjoying your story so far beacause it is so different from the other Lily/Scorpious stories. (I mean different in a good way) All the other stories and short 5 to 10 chapters long of Lily and Scorpious falling in love on platform 9 and 3/4 at Scorp's first year. They then meet up in Lily's first year kiss, earn some warnings from Albus and James then the rest of the chapters is their dates and them kissing. So many of these repetitive stories were driving me mad! So when I saw your story I though it would be the same but as I said before, it was different and AMAZING! I was surprised about Greyback being in the story but it makes the story exciting, rather than knowing Harry had already killed him or something like that. I love the relationship between Scorpious and Lily beacause it's not kissing 24/7 and being all lovey dovey like Ron and Lavender but it's refreshing and sweet. Am i almost done? No I'm not! (AVPSY reference there ;) Dunno if you have seen the show and know what am am talking about but...) I also love the fact you have added your own new characters eg. Izzy,Kyle,Seth are just a few. And I like the fact you have made Kyle blind because you have a range of people in the story with different abilities. I'm starting to sound like hermione, just rambling on!

Anyway the reason I am writing this reveiw is beacause (yes, another because!) I really love your story and it's defiantly one of my favorites. The only question I have is what did Ginny cut herself? Why was she self harming herself? I don't know if you answer this in the rest of the story but anyway I'm still asking. I really hope you answer this because I saw you wrote this story last year. Pleaseeeeeeeeee answer!

One of your anonymous readers.

P.S your writing has inspired me to carry on dreaming and striving to become a author like I wanted to before I got writers block and sorta lost interest.
10/11/2013 c28 Magpie bullen
Love it!
10/11/2013 c2 Magpie bullen
Show up? What does it mean?
10/11/2013 c1 Magpie bullen
Izzy Ride- from maximum ride, right?
7/11/2013 c28 35GinnyWeasley5
I'm so depresssed that izzy and james didnt get together :( :( :( :(
but i guess kyle and her were okay...
anyway, amazing story, you had it there, all planned out, right till the end :)
7/11/2013 c27 GinnyWeasley5
7/11/2013 c26 GinnyWeasley5
I HATE YOU! Not literally, only for when i read it.
7/11/2013 c25 GinnyWeasley5
I LOVE THIS! SO MUCH! THis is possibly my fav ff! You should send this to JK Rowling :)
7/11/2013 c24 GinnyWeasley5
OMM! I'm scared! Like, actually scared.
7/11/2013 c23 GinnyWeasley5
Dunno...oh! it could be rose and then she like, tries to kill them?!
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