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for A Home at the End of Japan

11/28/2020 c68 Dingxuexue
hope you can update this fic soon! Love this fic very much!:)
10/3/2020 c68 39the alpha phoenix
I'm glad to see you’re back with another chapter, and with a great chapter too.

This was a good conversation between Sora and Yamato. You didn’t skip a beat and it’s hard to believe you’ve taken a break for so long. You’ve come back seamlessly.

Yamato swapping his cigarettes for cereal made me laugh, but it’s good he made the swap because of Sora’s pregnancy. It’s a bit odd to think of him eating cereal instead of smoking in this story given he was always smoking or drinking something in scenes like this.

Great job and I'm looking forward to reading more. Hopefully you can stay around longer this time, old friend, before life whisks you away again.
8/4/2020 c33 Guest
The funny thing here is Izzy! Everyone writes about h as overly polite and calm. Did no one see the full on sass and sarcasm that was so present in him from the beginning but me?! At least, that's what I thought until reading this chapter! Loved it. Joe chiming in, too.
8/16/2019 c67 Taimato lover
OMG! I LOVE THIS FIC! I had literally just binge read it instead of write my thesis hahaha. I adore every piece of it, would love it more if Taichi finally decided to talk with his dad, especially since his mom knows (I wonder what he thinks about that). Also, even though I appreciate Jun it would be nice for her to have a love interest that makes her life a bit brighter as well. What is going to happen with Joe and Sora? I mean, they are having a baby now! I have so many questions and am hoping that you’ll continue this amazing story
9/16/2018 c67 DemolitionLovers
Friend, it’s been over a year since you updated, and you didn’t hit 100 chapters! I think it’d be a real shame because this is truly one of the best Taito stories on here. Come back!
11/24/2017 c67 Guest
I read all of this within the space of a few days and I'm honestly blown away. This is one of the best stories I've ever read, you've also got me inspired to start writing again
5/15/2017 c67 the alpha phoenix
First of all, my friend, congratulations on graduating!

Great chapter. As you know very well, I really like the way you write Jun and I’ve been asking for more of her in this story. It was great that I got to see a lot of her in this chapter. The way she got the van was so funny and that she called it Meiko just adds to it. I'm getting the feeling that this van is going to breakdown fairly quickly and causes them some issues on their journey lol.

Great work and I'm hoping for more of this fic soon!
3/14/2016 c66 madmod17
Hi! I just like wanted to say that I love this story! I think you're an amazing writer and like you've taken these characters and have blown new life into them in so many new ways! I really liked this chapter and I thought it was beautiful as were all of them!
2/20/2016 c66 the alpha phoenix
You know something, I'd like it if Jou, Sora, Koushiro and Mimi decided that they would want to join Taichi and Yamato on their next adventure after reading this chapter. They've made a lot of good friends and it's rather sad that they're splitting up.

I like the thought behind the gift Yamato gave to Jou. It seems to be a fitting gift for Jou because, while he won't use it, he'll understand the importance and sentiment behind it better than anyone else. Great work and I'm looking forward to reading more.
2/8/2016 c66 19MrGooseyMoose
Interesting chapter. It was very touching. I liked the atmosphere a lot.
2/4/2016 c65 MrGooseyMoose
This could be my favourite chaoter so far. Jeez man, what a way to end it. I feel like that situation could have easily just spun into an open eded argument or fight or upsetting cliffhanger, but you didn't go there. I feel like you have so much respect for the characters you're portraying and that makes me so happy. It was perfect.
2/4/2016 c64 MrGooseyMoose
Wow. That was a beautiful one, man. I really enjoyed it. The writing here is just so thoughtful, and tight. Wondrous work.
2/4/2016 c63 MrGooseyMoose
Gaaaah I didn't get chance to watch it! Also this chapter provoked a lot of feelings in me. It's wonderful how involving it is listening to this narration.
2/4/2016 c62 MrGooseyMoose
Nice chapter! Boy has it been a while. I'd forgotten how it feels to read your stuff. The atmosphere you create is very striking. Its inviting and fresh but dreary and real all at once.
12/13/2015 c41 The Great Gastly
Is it weird to say that its weird seeing Yama be so hopeful? My heart is smiling at the image of this festival in my mind, and I have to say, can't every chapter be like this?

It's dream time.
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