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1/25/2022 c2 Hakkyou32
Plz no more ads in the story! I don't mind the small ad but the other ones no just no more Plz.
6/26/2019 c9 4Monster King
Great job please continue
10/8/2016 c9 Jose19
I want to ask what will your new name become because I want to know.
4/13/2016 c1 Guest
Stupid fucking lame weak ass naruto
8/28/2015 c1 RecklessBaka
I like the premise, I like it a lot. Though I do feel Naruto is misjudging the League a tad. Despite the fact they have an army in a space station, they never leave their hometown defenceless, nor stay cooped up in there. Flash patrols Central city, Superman metropolis, ect. They also regularly stop disasters, crimes and the like when they aren't on Justice League duty. Hell Batman patrols Gotham, works in the JLA, the JSA, Outsiders and the like, so they work diligently throughout their hero work.

Maybe Naruto is feeling what Green Arrow was when he felt like he didn't fit in with the gods in a space station. Someone has to look out for the little guys, but pretty much the JLA does just that.

Though, I do like how he feels like he doesn't need the Justice League approval to be heroes or a vigilante group.
6/29/2015 c5 1avidreaded
It was a cool fight scene at the end but wouldn't it have been easier for Sasuke to create a small wave of Amaterasu with his enton(blaze release) and then have naruto use a fūton: Daitoppa(wind release: great breakthrough) to turn it into a literal unavoidable wave of fire that can't be put out
6/7/2015 c2 1Flip7808
What's with you and tennis shoes? you can give them other shoes other than tennis shoes the only other feet wear you gave is a slipper wtf?
5/18/2013 c7 BruddaJokka
Barb-A-Ra. Her name is Barbara.
5/13/2013 c8 Guest
supert history
5/13/2013 c8 RElarax
Awesome! Thank you so much for updating!
5/12/2013 c8 3Markus-Antonius
Nice chapter, I hope Naruto finally gets his girlfriend soon
5/12/2013 c8 8KitsuneDragon
Yes, you're back! Great job on this chapter. Still appropriate humour and action, though I'm still a bit confused at how lightning bolts affect a kryptonite powered cyborg like metallo. Hope you update soon, I really miss your writing and especially the one for Second Chances.
By the way, can you give me a description of Zealot, Taka and Kasumi and all the other non-DC characters you have in here. If they are actual characters in fiction I can look them up, but just in case...can you tell me which ones are OC and if they are, provide a little background for me on them so I can understand who they are.
2/24/2013 c1 OriginalRabbits
www. /
1/29/2013 c8 29Shadow-Kage-14
Not to bash you or anything, but I just checked cartoon networks website, as well as those shows websites and they're still scheduled to air. Where on the website you gave does it say they're being canceled? I can't find that information.
1/29/2013 c8 daniel 29
I wonder if cartoon network will make people buy seasons 3 though 7 of young justice to be honest?
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