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for Could It Be That It's True That It's You?

6/4/2012 c14 2KoganLover96
I love this story! So sad it has ended so soon, Look slike there could of been TONS added to it! Like TONS! Like the Kames story and how their relationship continues further and stuff and i just wish Kendall never cut ha ha, But none the less, Great story! :D
6/4/2012 c11 KoganLover96
I REEALLLY love this Fic and it is kinda annoying how down about it you are and how much you doubt yourself, Though Kendall feeling the need to punish himself and the cutting :/ Kinda sad and wich it never happened!
6/4/2012 c10 KoganLover96
Okay i went James to get with Carlos and forget about Kendall and i want Kendall to get with Logan already!
6/4/2012 c6 KoganLover96
How could you not like writing this! It is funn and utterdly adorable! Adding it to favourites :D
6/4/2012 c4 KoganLover96
OH MY GAWD THIS WAS SO FLUFFY AND UTTERLY ADORABLE! Like they named them Kogan and Carlitos is in love with Jamsey! AWWWWWWW
2/2/2012 c14 4Romaeus
This was really sweet :) 3 emerald eyes
2/2/2012 c11 Romaeus
Logan is an angel haha I love kogans..
2/1/2012 c10 Romaeus
Haha uea for jarlos.BUT KOGAN is still my fave :)
1/31/2012 c9 Romaeus
Oh my god james and kendall making out hardcore 0.0 I was worried for a min carlos may walk in...tht wad a moment of fear...and I like how kendall pulled back :) so, he may like logan that much :D
1/31/2012 c8 Romaeus
Haha jealousy, great touch I likey :)
1/31/2012 c7 Romaeus
Omg...kendall liking the kiss? This is a very great recipe for a story of perfection with a dash of drama :D
1/31/2012 c6 Romaeus
Haha the jendall is pretty spicy :) a great recipe of.a story :) also great scene on carlos stuttering I thought it was pretty funny :D keep up the good work ")
1/31/2012 c5 Romaeus
Haha ironic how carlos is the only one in denial nice touch :D
1/31/2012 c4 Romaeus
Haha great chapter :) I am going to spam you with reviews you know :P why? Cause your an awesome author :) keep it up!
1/31/2012 c3 Romaeus
Great adjectives your very descriptive :) also I lile kendall in denial ;)
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