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for The Devil Wears A Leather Jacket

1/29/2012 c3 1RedSchoolLovr88
And this story is so far winning!

I love this paring and I'm pretty much loving what you are doing with the characters. So...what about Dean and Castiel, eh? Are they going to hit it off too?
1/25/2012 c3 No Longer Active Here
Lol, [tall, dark and handsome]

Some fun stuff is going to happen with these two in the near future I expect... : )

Looking forward to the Dean/Castiel stuff and the date with Sam and Lucifer.

Update when you can!

1/25/2012 c2 No Longer Active Here
[Sam was no African Queen!

He was not Lucifer's African Queen!] Epic! I loved this. Poor Sam, being stalked by Lucifer.

Lol, love this line as well: [And, and that british guy, Crowley what's his name, he's been practically falling on his knees for Lucifer!]

Dean listening to Whitney Houston? Whoa!

Nerdy Dude? I have a suspicion that is Castiel... *reads on* yes! It is!

I love how desperate Dean is to win Castiel over.

[The badass guy was standing over his car.] Lucifer! LOL!

YAY Sam accepted!

What chaos will happen now?

1/25/2012 c1 No Longer Active Here
Gosh I was just searching for Samifer stories and I found this!

So glad I did, I love the opening chapter and Lucifer's ID card.

[And he got rejected by a homeless person.] Poor Dean.

Aww Lucifer asked Sam out.

Wonder wonder what's going to happen next?

1/22/2012 c3 1Lucifer's Angel Princess
Lucifer is so sweet (in his own special way)) In the smut chapters dirty talk would be lovely;) and maybe top!Cass;) Love the story can't wait for more.
1/21/2012 c3 5KiloWhisky-NovemberHotel
Im going to marry this fic. Luci with the leather jacket and malboro reds *swoon* though I keep expecting him to bust out in some Grease number like You're The One That I Want... Can he please? This chapter the emotional connection and whatnot was very sudden but I totally love your I-write-whatever-I-want-reality-be-damned style, I do that and it's refreshing to see a writer not so uptight and perfectionisty. I hope Sam and lucifer don't become all couple-ey right away though cause creeper Lucifer is so damn funny.
1/16/2012 c3 3Ashcola17
Must read more. I finally glad to see someone doing something different

1/16/2012 c3 justreading444
really really like this story...! update! please!
1/15/2012 c3 4BloodyRosie
i love samifer

1/14/2012 c3 7Angel-o-Darkness
This story is all sorts of amusing! Generally not a Samifer fan, but looking forward to more of it.
1/13/2012 c3 46imdrowninginfootwear
Yay you're updating again! :) Please put the next chapter up soon!
1/13/2012 c3 ScarletBoudica
Definatly an out there story but enjoyable! Maybe a little bit more creeper/smart aleck Lucifer though? Otherwise please update more! And is there any chance you'll write a samifer with them being in the cage?:3
1/13/2012 c3 theanonsisters
Best email notification ever! I love this fic, looking forward to reading more \o/
1/12/2012 c3 RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets
I love it!
12/15/2011 c2 Izaya91
hi, ur stalker here ;)

another ff I love *_*

Keep up the good work xD
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