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for Harry Potter and the DragonSinger

1/5/2003 c6 Kuja335
This is a chance to review this fic again now that I have a pen name

It was cool,keep writing

9/27/2002 c1 Damia the author at college oO
^_^' Yep, actually in fact it should *sort of grins* ^_^ The whole 'DragonSinger' concept, as well as the whole FireDragon thing actually belongs to Anne McCaffey, though I have altered them (or twisted, whichever you prefer o_O) to my liking. ^_^ Though, I think I should give her the credit, don't you think? As soon as I can, I will. I'm busy, but if you wanna chat about this, go ahead and email me ^_^ (AIM is playing up for me o_O)
9/1/2002 c1 Raken
Um... Some of this sounds like something else I've read. -_-'
6/4/2002 c6 1hp4eva
this is awesome...u have 2 rite more...keep going...i wonder wut'll happen now...pooor Harry n i feel soooo sry 4 Nekomi...
5/24/2002 c2 13Morbane
ouch... *sympathises with characters*
5/24/2002 c1 Morbane
Interesting... wonder what the secret is about her family history...
5/16/2002 c6 46Miss Black Dragon
*lets out breath* Good-o... A few key points I wanted to touch on, how could Harry bewitch his trunk if Prof. McGonagal had his wand? Also: Basalisk = Basilisk - twiched = twitched - preform = perform - invisable = invisible - tounge = tongue... E-mail me at for the complete Eber's SpellCheck...
5/14/2002 c1 Daniel
Hmm.. I wonder where you're going with this..

5/3/2002 c5 Raymond garrett
I have just read your story and i thought it was brill!

I am writing a story a bit like yours,in the story my dragoins name is whitey and he is miniture[because of a spell].

look out fot it soon.

from Raymond.
4/19/2002 c2 sdfgsdfgsgdf
Great thus far. Better than most! ;P

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