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for Never Stay Buried

5/15/2022 c6 Marie Amelie B
What a pity for this story to leave off here, so many possibilities…
2/2/2022 c6 mandorakat
cool start. hope you get back to it
12/14/2016 c6 mandorakat
interesting start. hope you come back to it eventually
6/22/2016 c6 Seul Veritable Amour
Just so you know, your story is still being read in 2016 so please COME BACK! It's such a good story to be left abandon.
3/21/2015 c6 4Mr. and Ms. Cuddles
I love your story. I am rereading it again. I would also love to edit it for you as your beta. I encourage you to update. If you want a beta just pm me and I will go through this for you and send you the edited version. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
11/21/2014 c6 Lilrobo02
I love this I do hope you continue I am curious to find out why she didn't return to her grandmother or at least call her when vampires came out...
7/15/2014 c6 3Skyeward MusicLover
Great chapter. plse update the story
7/10/2014 c6 firstgreenisgold
love this, can't wait!
7/10/2014 c6 xlittlexxsomethingx
So happy to get a new chapter of this story I love so much.
7/9/2014 c6 kymmie
I like how the story is so far. Please update soon ;).
7/8/2014 c6 Cutelittlelumpofwool82
It's so great to see an update from you! Godric has it bad, will we be getting SPOV next has she been thinking of the "boy" who had stared at her? I'm also curious about her home life what made her okay with staying in Texas or not calling her Gran? What will Eric say to Godric & Sookie when they talk? Will Eric try to get to know Sookie for Godric's sake? Please update again soon this is a fun read!
7/7/2014 c6 Guest
Thank you! Thank you! I was so excited to see an up date!
7/6/2014 c6 8ciasteczko
So Godric has fallen in love with Sookie? I hope you keep your passion for this story until it's finished. Really enjoying your story Thank you!
7/5/2014 c6 4Tynee23
Great to see an update. Can't wait for more. Thanks
7/5/2014 c6 racecz5
Catch her quick! (Your Muse) Lock her up til she feeds you this story ; ) Needless to say I'm happy with the chapter and looking forward to much more.
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