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for Peering Around the Corner: Mirror World

9/25/2011 c3 NeoDarklight
*groans* Kit, ffdotnet broke some of my edits! Gosh darn it! And I tried so hard to help you on this!

For everyone who doesn't know yet, I'm the beta reader for this story, and you shouldn't expect me to give away any spoilers. Ever.

@naruto of the winds: Uhh... You are aware that the reskinned version of gabumon is literally called psychemon, right? And that he is one of the main characters of the upcoming Xros Wars season 3, right?
9/25/2011 c3 23Remzal Von Enili
I have an idea but only if your open to oc digimon.

The cloned digidestined are warped right? so what about theyre digimon? I've got some ideas for the warped digimon like:






9/23/2011 c3 5Amaryuu-no-Reichi
Omg FINALLY! i know your just started college so i knew your where like super busy but i wanted to see where you would take this story for soooo long. I've actually just started college to so i know how it is. now about the twin mind link are you going to make it strong enough for them to communicate? ad are you going to make it a half soul type deal? a half soul type deal is that if one twin dies the other either dies soon after or goes insane to give like some kind of double jeopardy twist? it'll be really interesting when we see how takato's hazard comes into play. oh and You did't kill anceintwizetmon! I'M A HAPPY PANDA. ow what role will he play will he simply be a adviser? ad i find it interesting how none of them reacted to him being a virus the destined seem almost prejudiced against them sometimes in the anime.
9/23/2011 c3 176Firehedgehog
great update kit-chan, by the way i hope to be online sometime sunday afternoon or sometime on monday
8/29/2011 c2 33coolgamer
I like it so far!
8/21/2011 c2 NeoDarklight
...Is it wrong that I like your version better than Firehedgehog's? It just seems more... how do I put it? Fluid, I guess. It probably has something to do with Firehedgehog's latest chapter being in need of some copy-editing.
8/21/2011 c2 176Firehedgehog
very nice kit-chan :D
8/21/2011 c2 5Amaryuu-no-Reichi
You'e welcome lol. Soo do Tk & Takato and have some kind of twin mind link going on here? Cause that's what it looks like. Are you going to switch POV every chapter until they meet? if so that's cool gotta know what's going on in each place, it makes it a better read. There are a few punctuation errors and typos but that's it. It's still and awesome story and it's not exactly the same as Firehedgehogs' which makes it more awesome. Please keep going.
8/21/2011 c1 Amaryuu-no-Reichi
Awesome Story Kit. What's wrong with ancientwizetmon he's not going to die is he? that would make me a SAD panda. I can't wait to see more. I love how we get to see more about Takato's experiences with the cloning up front. Good job.
8/20/2011 c1 34Super Shadowsonic
I just love the idea of clones and what not. I am very excited to see what comes next.
8/18/2011 c1 NeoDarklight
Interesting... I can't wait to see more.
8/14/2011 c1 176Firehedgehog
great prologue kit! good prologue and the authors not was amusing. added it my favs, mind it you already know since were talking on msn right at this moment. lol
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