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for Silver Soldier Ranma

9/3/2020 c29 Guest
Hey thank you for the story hope you are feeling better soon and can’t wait for the next addition to your story. May the goddess heal and protect you. ;)
8/12/2020 c29 reaperblaze
Love the story best ranma crossover ever
5/14/2020 c29 typhoon-voidhog95
I hope you decide to update our rewrite this in the future if you have the time as i enjoyed reading it and would like to see where you take it
5/4/2020 c29 Jondarme
Thank you for the story. It is one of the best Ranma/Sailor Moon crossovers I have ever read. I hope you are doing well.
2/2/2020 c29 46Hikari Nova
please revive and update this great story
10/2/2019 c1 ERB100
Remarkable story
4/1/2019 c29 rickc41aol.com
I like the story and looking to more, so please up date our story
1/2/2019 c29 1silverstreak93242
Greetings, here's hoping that this review finds you well, and still writing! I am happy to say I enjoyed reading this fic, I rather like the plot, the premise and the story line! I am looking forward to more of this story, whenever you have the time to continue it, and once your muse decides to release the next chapters into your hands! I am curious though, that in the last few chapters, you kept making reference to the fact that there was to be a party that the scouts were to attend at Ranma's house, to celebrate/commemorate the fall of the SM...Yet you skipped over that entirely...are you going to do a flashback to cover that party? If so, ok, if not, ok, your the author, just wanted to find out if you skipped it on accident or possibly on purpose...I am rather interested to see who Ranma finally winds up with, and as to who, I actually mean how MANY he winds up with! Again, here's hoping that this review finds you well and still writing, and that RL hasn't kicked you so hard that you are unable to see a way to continue! I hope this also let's you know that there are still those reading this story, and waiting patiently for more!
10/14/2018 c29 mauricio11
when is the next update
8/7/2018 c29 Wayne Clark
I hope to see more of your story. -
6/26/2018 c13 Zaceron
Interesting concept and a fun one, even if teams you made Ranma a tad too overpowered. I would highly recommend a prof reader and to be more mindful of your grammar. You're abusing pronouns, by using a characters name where it's not needed.
Keep it up, writing a long story is a daunting task.
4/29/2018 c29 KrisB-71854
I've rather enjoyed this fic. It was rather well done.

There are some minor bits that I felt were irksome. At first, you had Ranma seem to get over having the curse. That's fine. He'd gotten used to it and could deal and all that.

That was obviously not true as you keep having him call himself a freak for merely having the curse. Um, for a baseline human that is unaware of the supernatural or aliens, maybe. For someone with the raw knowledge of the supernatural and alien cultures that he has? Snorts. It shouldn't really have phased him.

The bit that bugs me is that someone could be talking to him and then all the sudden after they ask an innocent question, he'd blow up, go on the same spiel and then go, mope. Sometimes he apologizes, but usually, it is a minor bit and it seems to be used to disrupt conversations more than anything.

It worked the first time or two, but then it was every new person that you added, he went through a social breakdown due to some hot-button topic.

He has gotten trigger happy in a mixed sort of way. I'm not sure about his treatment of the Elder. Oh, I don't mind her captured and sent off to prison. I'm mixed on if he was allowed to send her off the planet.

He is supposed to follow some rules isn't he? That isn't Ranma Station. That's a GP/Jurian station. It isn't a SM colony.

One of the bits that I liked about this entire fic is how your Ranma was able to solve almost everything except for the Amazons. I don't mind him killing most of them off. There being survivors and fall out though? Meh, its sort of expected.

Actually, with as few as there are numbers wise, their populations should be able to trivially blend into most other populations. This isn't just a Ranma setting. You've got SM, Tenchi, and most importantly Gold Diggers. In the Gold Diggers setting, there are tons of places on Earth for those folks to just fade into the background and keep on living mostly how they've always wanted.

The Musk will be fine except without having the pools might no longer be the Musk.

The Phoniex folk really should have gone to Jade back in the day. I'm surprised that Ranma didn't suggest something like that. O.k. they are utter bigots and he wouldn't just want to dump his problem refugees onto Jade. Tech though they'd all love to live there. Jade is where they should all have been relocated to. It already has its own Amazons that may not think kindly towards these ones.

Ranma has never recovered over having to kill off the Amazon village. What's worse is that it was mainly done for personal reasons and not military ones.

Ranma was a soldier. I'm mixed at you using the term warrior with him. Warriors are usually killed by soldiers. He might have become a warrior when he was left alone. That's not who he really was though. He was trying to guard the planet from various threats.

O.k. There are at least 3-4 alien species from the GD side of things that you need to think about bringing into the mix or atleast mentioning. They had some alien fish folks with an Atlantis. Brittany's husband was an alien and his people had a small town/city of cat people on the planet. There were the humaniod skunk aliens as well. I'm sure there were a few other more minor aliens around as well. You've not had any of them cross over into things.

I liked you tossing some Darkstalkers into things. That worked well.

The Hild bit was a bit iffy. I thought it was more personal or serious. The he ran from another girl? Oh come on. If anything she didn't seem to really remotely care or she'd have tried harder to hook up with him.

Is something wrong with him? O.k. you've had to have him basically on a lust potion to even show normal responses to flirting seduction by girls. The only two that he seems to remotely be able to think of romantically would be Pluto and Washu. Pluto as she has been shown isn't really working for him. Washu is. They should be having some sort of relationship by now.

Oh, one bit that you've not brought up. The were rats are in Japan and have had hate on towards any form of were cat. Ranma should count now. O.k. he hasn't had his cat abilities long, but its more a reminder about it.

The more that I think about things, the more that he just needs to relax and chat with folks. He can't go 10-15 minutes chatting before getting up set and running off or making the other person want to cry. It's gotten old.

He needs some mental help. Being given that station was a mixed blessing/curse and test. Ranma needs folks. Being military and in command is the only thing that he has known. Doing anti-pirate patrols and bonding with the troops would be a good thing. He is rarely there and seems not really be involved. Except when calling the troops up to resolve his personal issues.

Somewhere along the line there you lost the right military vibe that you had with him. Instead of being a former broken soldier, he is acting like a noble/warlord. In some respects he far worse than Kuno ever dreamed of being. Kuno just thought about chasing girls, he never actually ran around with his own personal shock troops, which he likely shouldn't have needed anyway.

He really needs to have a chat with the Diggers family and some with the Scouts. On the Scouts end of things, why does he need to have them all together each time he talks with them? It ruins things. O.k. he doesn't need to politic, but he needs to explain somethings up front rather than springing things on them blind and then making them feel like its an us/them sort of thing.

This everyone is an enemy or needs to be jumped on for the slightest mistake is getting old. Heck, he was hopeful towards the Sm girls, and now he is wanting to hang up those vows? He really should have had some of those chats with Usagi or Hotaru before just what he did.

You've had the small military squad thing down. You've handled most of the MA stuff without really needing it. You need to start him healing and find someone.

You've had several someones that could have easily started him. But he keeps pushing away everything female. O.k.

Is he gay? Asexual, or bi? no, you having him react to females and no reactions toward males. rules out asexual, bi or gay.

What is his damn problem? Did he make a vow to never allow himself to ever be happy or married? It certainly seems like it.

He cares about his family, but that's it. Well, his troops. He cares about them as his troops though not the same. The Lt is the only one that might eventually be something else. Oddly, she is the only one in the entire fic that he has accidentally shown attraction to without the need of the lust stuff.

Please have that lust stuff removed. O.k. it isn't going overboard as in lust dust where they basically all wake up from a massive orgy and then start pairing off. It likely does have some escapes, but he has been a prude and never wanted to hook up with any one or thing. That's what'll be really difficult.

Meh, worse comes to worse, he could always do the transhuman bit and upload to a different body or something. I could see him doing something like that to escape those females only after his physical body.
4/16/2018 c29 Lord of the Pit
It has been a long time since I last saw an update for this story. It warms my heart that it is still going. I am looking forward to where you will take this. Keep up the good work.
3/22/2018 c28 mmiller25819
is this over
12/31/2017 c29 Alex2909
awesome story
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