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for Silver Soldier Ranma

5/7/2014 c24 shugokage
Cool chapter and I hope you get better soon!
5/7/2014 c24 3Shinzochi
Ranma Ranma Ranma, you just can never catch a break, lol, looking forward to the next chapter
5/7/2014 c24 MilandaAnza
I had forgotten about this story but was delighted to see it updated, and thoroughly enjoyed rereading it from start to finish. I hope your health issues clear up or at least become more tolerable, and all is well in your life.

Thanks for the read!

5/6/2014 c24 firelordeg
thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter please continue to update as life allows
5/6/2014 c24 Jerry Unipeg
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! (*x5) Looks like new trouble is looking for a new home.
5/6/2014 c24 Ranmaleopard
This is awesome and refuah shleima
5/6/2014 c24 goddragonking
great chapter , Keep the good writing and hope for more updates soon and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
4/19/2014 c23 iceland
what happens next?
3/15/2014 c23 Guest
Agggghhh £¥%ing $#! please update
3/15/2014 c14 Guest
Shuld included a picture of the 20mm ammo that was in Ranma's shoulder because when I look it up the ammo that comes up he wouldn't have a shoulder left
1/15/2014 c23 Ranmamania
Soun x Nodoka
Ukyo x Konatsu

Ranma pairings
Ranma x Kasumi
Ranma x Brianna
Ranma x Setsuna
Ranma x Bast
Ranma x Hild
Ranma x Kasumi x Bast x Setsuna x Brianna x Hild
1/15/2014 c23 Guest
1/15/2014 c23 Guest
To the tune of Medal (Kurt Angle's WWE theme) by Jim Johnstone

1/15/2014 c14 Guest
This is pretty damn good Fic however there are several spelling mistakes like

mt instead of my, of instead of off

to name a few and in this chapter alone the two most notable are near the end

"living two years IF hell in Nerima" & "lay down after I HATE a talk with Setsuna"
1/15/2014 c14 Guest
I love this Fic but there is several things wrong

1) A ton of misspelled words
2) two different actions ( The Mau STOOD SAT for a minute)
3) Gender confusion about Feronia (collecting HIS thoughts...ran to the garage dread on HER face)
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