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for Silver Soldier Ranma

9/6/2017 c26 Blackholelord
You will likely never read this, but anyway... I been years since I last read this story. Overall the crossover is great. I would have love to seen the continuation of the story, but I can understand that is not likely. As you have left for the real world, and all that. So thanks for the great story, while it lasted. Sorry that I never encounter before you stopped writing it. So thanks.
8/16/2017 c28 75Perseus12
7/23/2017 c28 typhoon-voidhog95
I hope you update this story soon it is very good and I want to see where you're going with it
6/27/2017 c28 ncokat2
More Please!
4/16/2017 c28 cned14
Is this story dead or should we look forward to more?
3/27/2017 c28 ibraha01
Nice To see this story being continued after so many years .
Please Continue .
3/8/2017 c28 Daniel Seelye
You have had me hooked hard and fast. Please keep this story going. Quick question: when do you think that the improved Chimera introduce itself to the galactic community?
3/6/2017 c28 kenbre
Great story
1/4/2017 c19 Baker company
The only thing I have on this is that depending on what tenchi universe we are in, kiyone does or does not exist as well as noike. Other than that everything is great!
Keep up the great work!
12/10/2016 c14 Guest
Look up you'll find tons of gold digger comics there.
6/12/2016 c8 Guest
ok now you just made 1 whole mistake with the cat fist... ok the cat fist is badass by itself. but put a human mind to it and he get a hell of a lot stronger. now heres the problem with him having it before he meets Genma. just cant see him getting ranma like he did. you seem to down play how much stronger he gets from it then
4/21/2016 c28 1Greenicedragon1789
Hi just what to say sorry for whatever I did to get denide for Private Messaging.
I just what to know the reasson why you did that and if it something I wrote I won't write it aging.
4/4/2016 c28 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
2/14/2016 c28 sm7772008
Awesome story. Please update as soon as you can.
1/17/2016 c28 5Grizzmon
This is wtong, Ranma would have blow up her lab in vengeance, not just accept this humiliation. Story un followed.
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