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for Duel of the Fates

8/24/2021 c25 MsBristi
One of the best of its kind!
4/19/2016 c25 Guest
Brilliant. Looking forward to the next part
6/5/2014 c25 41Jedi Jesi Jiin
Nice story. Full of suspense and intrigue. Great plot, too. I hope book 3 will be up soon!
6/5/2014 c7 Jedi Jesi Jiin
Well, I disagree with your sister, this makes your story all the more intriguing if you ask me...
6/5/2014 c6 Jedi Jesi Jiin
Ah! What a twist to events! Delectable!
6/4/2014 c1 Jedi Jesi Jiin
I like how Luke and Mara finally got the intimate wedding they always wanted, and Han and Leia now have the big showy wedding to unite the galaxy. Neat twist.
7/17/2013 c25 Guest
Hope there'll be a part 3 soon...
3/5/2013 c25 bec
Loved it!
3/5/2013 c20 bec
Wonderful story! I love it! Can't wait till the baby comes!
3/4/2013 c13 bec
Love this story! Awesome sequel! Cant wait to read what happens next!
3/2/2013 c3 bec
This is a GREAT story! Cant wait to read more! Just wanted to leave a review, this fic should have at least 100. You did a WONDERFUL job writing.
9/8/2012 c25 6Electricboa
Yes! I've got to say, I've read a couple versions of the idea where Luke gets captured, joins the Empire, falls in love with Mara, and eventually overthrows/kills Palpatine from Jedi-2B (A Journey of Discovery Trilogy) and Blank101 (Son of Suns Trilogy; it's amazing, you absolutely have to read it). But my first thought after reading them is 'What about Palpatine's clones?' You're the first one I've seen address this and I give enormous credit for doing so.

It looks like you're gearing up to make it a trilogy with Lumiya at the end there, though I am curious to see how she's going to be that much of a threat, since she never could beat Luke in their practice duels, much less be as much of a threat as Palpatine. Maybe she'll target their son?

Oh, and Luke's favorite holovid is Indiana Jones? I can just imagine the awkward situations that would involved with Han.
8/28/2012 c25 1MasterTraderJade
I've read both of your stories several times and i have enjoyed them soo much that I can't wait till you write the third. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and wonderful stories!
4/24/2012 c25 3Diamondgirl3
This is my favorite star wars fanfic! It's soooo good!;)
4/14/2012 c25 4Natalie Thropp
Remeber to let us know when you post the third installment! Can't wait!

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