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2/14/2017 c1 Guest
OMG! This is Wow! I felt bad for Katniss truly but she is a b*tch here. Pardon me but I can't think of a better word. It's not like Gale ordered the bombing. She is not only making Gale miserable. I understand if she wants him miserable but Madge too who was her friend as well.
2/17/2016 c1 Eleid
This my friend, is the best fic ever; for these simples reasons:
- the stupid breadboy is dead YAY
- katniss is with gale
- gale loves someone else and Katniss is the one jealous

Best plot ever!
9/7/2015 c1 2neenichan
I really, really love this oneshot. It's been a favourite of mine for a long time and I don't think I have ever commented on it. So here it comes! I love how you made this scene come alive for the reader and when I read it I feel like I am standing with Katniss watching those two fight. It's agonizingly painful and hot at the same time. Well done!
10/13/2014 c1 2ebdarcy.qt4good
Good work! I don't think Katniss would stay with Gale after that, but the way you've written it works.
3/20/2014 c1 Guest
This is amazing, I have so many feelings haha. Absolutely adore gadge and I feel for katniss, too :(
5/4/2013 c1 16Maowow
I completely LOVE it! Waiting for our last chapter in A Lot Has Happened!
3/19/2013 c1 15jennycaakes

1. this makes me so angry at katniss like i UNDERSTAND that she *neeeeeds* him BUT NO OKAY THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY AT HER SHE CAN'T BLAME HIM AND WOW SHE'S SO SELFISH ITMAKES ME SO ANGRY


3. gadge gale and madge wow that was HOT
12/3/2012 c1 8DamnDonnerGirls
Oh my lord. That was hot.

The characterizations are spot on: Katniss needing Gale to survive and Gale needing Katniss for forgiveness. Two wrongs can't make a right, but they sure as hell will keep trying.

I died a little when I realized Peeta was gone. I can't imagine New Panem without Peeta Mellark.

And Madge, my beautiful, tragic muse Madge, she is what Gale needs, if only he could be honest with himself for once.

I was reading DrMellark's "Something Old, Something New" recently and, like I said in my review there, I'm 100% against cheating. But I'm also 100% for being/staying in a committed relationship for the right reason.

I hope that in your universe, Katniss and Gale wise up and break off the engagement. But artistically, this story is perfect and nothing more needs to be said!
6/15/2012 c1 LuckyCharmsLuver
I know Katniss has been through a lot but how could she be so selfish to not let Gale be with his true love. He could still be her best friend and comfort her but he doesn't have to love her. It is very selfish and stupid of Katniss. She knows he doesn't love her so it would just hurt them both if she didn't let him go. I think you should continue this and write about Gale and Madge sneaking behind Katniss's back after the marriage. Or maybe Gale could say no to Katniss when they are at the altar. No that would be cruel. Katniss should say no to him because she can't bear to be married to him and know that he doesn't love her. I think true love should prevail. It would be much better than Katniss,Gale,and Madge both dying unhappy because of Katniss's selfishness. Sorry for my long rant.
5/5/2012 c1 daydreambuff
This is really good. You packed so much truth, even if it's in fragments, of these characters into so few words. The flaws and explanitory or destructive patterns that they could fall into seem, unfortunately not unthinkable. And so it's all very sad and painful like a trainwreck you see coming from a mile away but can't stop.
4/4/2012 c1 3smilethroughitall
Wow. Made me think a bit... Not in a bad way, but I would've liked to see a lot more Gadge... It was interesting in a bitter way where I feel Katniss got a taste of her own medicine xD but it was exceptionally well-written(: really liked it

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4/3/2012 c1 20anonymous-lemonade
Oh, it burns! This is so good! Oh my stars! This fic has echoes of Atonement and The Romantics. This was so tragic and painful to read and so very hot. I am so happy I came across this fic. Wonderful job!
3/24/2012 c1 7mckinnon-m
This is amazing! I love it! And it's kind of how I picture Gale and Madge to be, all passion and desire and supposed hate. Great work!
9/12/2011 c1 Fallroses
This one-shot was perfect, well-written Gadge. The interactions between Madge and Gale were perfect; I could feel the tension, the passion, the desire.

I hope that you make this into a multi-chapter story even though it's a completed one-shot. I really want more of this.

xoxo Fallroses
9/11/2011 c1 12bluaria
This was a great Gadge one-shot. You should write more Gadge; you're an excellent authoress. I especially loved how the usually oblivious Katniss quickly realized that Gale wanted Madge and not her and that she was actually bitter about it.

The ending line was gold.

xx Dorki
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