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for Big Time Rush and the Marauders

9/22/2017 c1 WitchDemigoddess
First of all, I hope you're ok Dee Dee :)

Second, it's ok if you don't want to finish this story because you got bored or tired of it. No one is going to judge you for it. In fact, I want to thank you for writing and always putting in all the effort to make every update a great chapter. You always had me giddy and excited waiting for the new update, and that's something other authors can't do

Third, If writing this story and your other stories got too stressful for you, and you decided to drop it all together, I support you 100%. That's taking care of yourself first and knowing yourself enough to know when something you enjoyed doing was getting a little toxic for you. God knows I don't do some things I enjoyed doing because they were getting overbearing for me. So if you did the same thing, I applaud you!

And Lastly, I want to say that I really, truly hope you're ok. I know you were going through a rough patch, and I hope you got through it unscathed. I wanted to thank you for giving me, in particular, a great story to think about. I love the plot, how you write the characters, and all those little twists you put in every chapter. I love how, even now that it's been years since you last updated, I still think about what's going to happen next, how the characters are going to react to certain situations, and how happy they'll be when they FINALLY get together with the person they like. I hope you know that I have hundreds of sketches of fanart for your story and that, If you ever want to see them, I would gladly show them to you. I still have all those headcanons about all the characters that I wish we could talk about. I still think about your story before going to bed and all the possible scenarios for it.

Thank you, for giving me happiness with your story and being a great author, and most importantly, a great friend.

Your friend, Witch Demigoddess C:
4/12/2015 c14 6BTRWolfblood9420
Please continue this story. I absolutely love it and I really want to know what will happen!
12/22/2014 c14 2tipthescalesx94
Please tell me that you will update, I really really love this story!
5/22/2014 c14 1Witch Demigoddess
Damn, suddenly things got a little darker than I thought. That whole scene with Maddox gave me the chills. Seriously, I'm just sitting here reading and I got chills on my spine, he kind of creeps me out.

And damn right, Daniela wouldn't let anything happen to her friends. Her overprotective side is showing, as her fangirl side, and her feelings for Carlos... speaking of Carlos, I have a feeling James will try to play wingman again. Darlos (yes I will affectionately call them that from now on) is so stubborn! But I have a feeling they're not as stubborn as Andy. I'm also excited to see James' and Logan's relationships with Crystal and Gloriana.

I liked that you made the 1D boys wizards too! I couldn't stop smiling at that. It would be cool to have them come to Washburn, just to see everyone's reactions.

I think I know what concert you're talking about, back in '11 right? the Better with U Tour? I wanted to go so bad but sadly I couldn't because we moved away D: But I have been to each of their concerts respectively and they're so fun!

Once again, I'm glad you liked my art! And don't worry about updating while you're sick, just get better!:)

Witch Demigoddess
5/21/2014 c14 2Chey21
Yeah an update!
I love it! Cant wait for more!
Damn, Sad That the new years concert didnt happen :(
But Oh well :)
Oh no dont trust them guys dont trust those evolutie people!
I hope That Harry and such still meet the guys and girls
And i hope That they ( Kendall Andrea Carlos Daniella ) come together :)
3/25/2014 c13 Your Biggest Fan
This stuff is awesome! Update soon, please!
I loved it. I really, really did. When you made all that connection stuff- with Kendall and James Potter, James and Sirius, Logan and Remus... I really feel sorry for Carlos though...but who knows? Maybe he'll be different from Peter Pettigrew!
I just love your portrayals of the characters. It's like Lily and James in the flesh, I tell you, IN THE FLESH. And, well, I can't wait till Loganator becomes a werewolf (guilty pleasure of mine- Logan whump!) and everyone else becomes Animagi.
ZOMG I lurve you for creating this. Words cannot express my thoughts!
And this is hilarious. I can spend all day talking about your perfection. The people from BTR are going all, "Wow, Magic is totally awesome!". And OMG Logan! I just...I just...eh, I'm a bit incoherent now. Your story has done this to me!
Update quick! And sorry for this long, tedious review, I just had to get it down.
-Your Biggest Fan!
2/25/2014 c13 1Witch Demigoddess
Great chapter, as always. I didn't expect Dani to go to England with them actually, and Hermione was a nice surprise. Hopefully the boys and Andy won't dwell to much on the fact that Peter was a bad guy, i mean Carlos is clearly not evil.

On another note, I love One Direction! My favorite is Niall. I'm so glad you like them too. I honestly hate the fanbase war thing going on, clearly they're different bands and different genre, 1D's being a little more pop rock/indie rock than BTR's specially 1D's newest album Midnight Memories. Fun fact: I introduced my little sister to One Direction while she Introduced me to Big Time Rush.

Hey wouldn't it be funny if Dani were also a 1D fan and the boys saw her fangirling? They are in England after all. Just a thought :)

I'm sad we're halfway through the story but it's been fun, I'll probably be here 'till the end though :)
1/9/2014 c13 1LovingWolfStar
Yeahhh an updateee!
I'm so happy!
I liked how you put Hermione inside the story but i would like to see Harry and Ron too!
Also,i don't think that the guys are gonna hate Carlos.
They love him,he is thier brother after all.
Looking forward for the next chapter!
1/8/2014 c13 2Chey21
Love it!
Oh i forgot i still need to get the Book, i forget it the whole Time!
Poor Carlos :(
Im not sure... Probably some things Will happen, but like still in a different way... So kind of? They need to kind of worry..?
Oh i heard of That yea! I hope your doing good out there! Where i live it's the hottest summer we've had in years!
I ant wait for more:) !
12/12/2013 c12 4PhoenixRoseQueenToo
Oh, I'm feeling a bit excited about this! Both your book and the plot! I mean... DUDE! You have a book published! It's an accomplishment to actually finish a book, let alone an original novel, but even a bigger deal to actually get it PUBLISHED. Congratulations, I'm proud of you!

But the boys... these poor, poor boys. To find out that your role models died so young, and that part of the reason could be because they a couple? Yeah, talk about a stab in the gut. I hope that those older students can trust Big Time Rush and will help them out with their project... I'm still rather iffy about Allie-dear's motives. It seems sweet right now, but I can't be sure that is the main reason he's killing the band's reputation, or what.

I'm also pissed at the American Ministry of Magic - or whatever they call it - because, hiding history is how these things get started. I mean, seriously, everytime a society tries to hide information because they want to avoid a situation, their ignorance on a topic is what leads them down the wrong path... Oooh, but I wonder if BTR could somehow convince their parents to take them on a trip to London and maybe they'll raid the library over there? WOULD the British library system have the legit history? I would think so...
11/23/2013 c8 4neeham
poly juice potion probably. James hair for poly juice.
You are amazing, d' you know that? I am working on a story and realized maraudersand btr really are similar.
11/23/2013 c5 neeham
i luv ur story- pity u aren't continuing it.
Will you continue it? please! :)
11/10/2013 c1 1Witch Demigoddess
ps. do you like One Direction? sorry for the weird question, but you mentioned them so...
11/10/2013 c12 Witch Demigoddess
I can't believe I hadn't seen you had updated until now! For some odd reason I didn't get the notification email, and I was getting a bit desperate for a new chapter that I checked your author's page and SURPRISE! You had updated! I'm so happy that I did though, because I loved this chapter so much! I can't wait to see what's going to happen with Kendall and Andy, and if he's really gonna give up on her... I hope not.

Anyway, about your book, I already got it. I got it through smashwords, because i'm a little broke at the moment since I don't have a job, BUT I'll definately get it later on through either Amazon or B&N. I'm also spreading the word :D

Can't wait until next chapter!

Witch Demigoddess
11/3/2013 c12 2Chey21
I love it! I so want That Book! Im gonna look if i can get it .
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