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10/20/2012 c5 SamWinchesterfangirl
Is there supposed to be more to the story?
10/20/2012 c3 SamWinchesterfangirl
Kinky kinky Cas! And god if Dean wasn't loving every minute of it.
10/20/2012 c1 SamWinchesterfangirl
Wow Cas, kinky little bastard aren't ya?
9/7/2011 c5 katemix
Oh man. Can't wait to see what happens next!
8/20/2011 c1 El Mishamigo Mexicano
The plot of this story is amazing. It's a very twisted Dean you've got there but he still seems within character, and Cas too. Great work and I can't wait for more!
8/20/2011 c5 1It's.Funnier.In.Enochian
I utterly freaking LOVE this! Brilliant writing & an excellent plot thats so hot it's on fire ;) More, please?
8/19/2011 c5 4LadyTrista
This is getting really good. I wonder if Cas is going to really start to regret what he's done, or if being with Dean will make him forget his morals and embrace the dark side. It seems to me that Sam has been bitten by the green eyed monster, and I don't mean Dean.
8/19/2011 c5 16darkphoenix2345
Damn for a minute there Castiel was actually human feeling remorse for killing the kid. The longer he is with Dean the less regret he will feel. :( Is it presumptuous of me to think there will be Destiel sexy time in the next chapter?
8/18/2011 c4 4LadyTrista
This just keeps getting better and better. Obedient!Subservient!Cas is so hot. I love Cas and Dean's relationship here. I wonder if poor Sam will begin to feel like a third wheel?
8/18/2011 c4 smartcookie913
whoa! this is intense. i wonder what cas is thinking about all this.
8/18/2011 c3 22SidewaysCope
Excuse me while I go catch my soul... Wow...
8/18/2011 c3 16darkphoenix2345
Cas and Dean are a pair made in heaven or hell in this one. They are sick/evil bastards but hawt ones. I have never read a sexier gun shooting lesson. Lol
8/18/2011 c3 17Paulathe Cat
Oh my Cas!

Seriously bloodthirsty and strangely humorous. Update soon!
8/18/2011 c3 Paulathe Cat
Oh my Cas!

Seriously bloodthirsty and strangely humorous. Update soon!
8/17/2011 c2 smartcookie913
oh dear lord in heaven this is awesome!
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