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1/5/2012 c2 4baesharam
the chapter needs editing and Elaboration BADLY!

like ASAP I'll give this story a try, If you like i can Beta-Read it...?
12/10/2011 c9 13oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo
hi no long no see love your chappys new chapter onn night class i deem you my bitch
11/23/2011 c8 A Bright Little Blue Star
Thanx for fixing the spacing problem :D
11/23/2011 c9 Darkkami
Yay it's readable ^•^
11/22/2011 c9 5Loki's Awesome Mortal Wife
Why is there no spaces?
11/22/2011 c9 A Bright Little Blue Star
I Can't read it D:

Ummm... Can you fix the spacing please?
11/22/2011 c9 Darkkami
9/3/2011 c8 13oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo
yay new chappy *does happy dance* so im having a little writers block and wanted your help i also wanted to ask you about your ather stroy so please PM me
8/28/2011 c1 1CoffE-Princwess
I like it, no! I LOVE IT!:)
8/25/2011 c7 13oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo
oh oh oh oh i have an idea oh wait i lost it...ohohoh i remember it im gona do this in my story but you should like get a secret hide out and fill it with explosives the latest compures ,a coffe maker ,toxic materials and a toster

im mentioned *happy dance* *explodes with happiness*
8/25/2011 c7 A Bright Little Blue Star
hehehe *nips pocky* Good job *Looks over agian and wishes I was there and helped torture people
8/25/2011 c7 Darkkami
XD*laughing really hard*XD
8/24/2011 c6 A Bright Little Blue Star

My sis:No don't die!

Me:To much epicness...must stay can finish story XD*Drops to floor when my twin comes and rivies me*

Me: Thanks Onii-sama! Twin: be more careful /:C ( I made his sweat drop!:)!)

Me: Whats with that face

Twin: we should contine this convesation later

Me : wait I have one more thing to say


Me:Bye I hope you update SOON! NO ONII-SAMA*Computer turns off*

He is one of my fiction characters but i pretend hes real sometimes because I'm only 13 and don't see my friends outside of school! Till next time.
8/24/2011 c6 xIamYoux
oooooh i feel sooosorry for kaname now, he was hit in the balls of fury ouch but i still found it quite funny :D
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