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for Nothing But a List of Names to Mark His Ascension

10/28 c1 Sensual Lobster
Once again I am going to do my yearly read of this story, however this time I've vowed to make one review every chapter. They might not be incredibly long and they might not add anything, but I feel after all this time you deserve a proper review that doesn't just say "Please write more".
10/5 c74 Guest
Why no updates?
6/27 c74 Guest
Me encanto la historia, extrañare al Comandante Aramus.
5/15 c1 ShadowRobot6
Having your initiates murder each other as the trail seems like a really bad way to test them. Especially since they will need to work with each other in the future. Seems weird for a Blood Ravens trial given their general temperament. Then again 40k is a pretty ridiculous universe so what do I know?
7/26/2021 c74 Guest
Heyo, random reader here: I was curious but when are you going to update this story? It's a really good one and I would like to see where the rest of it goes
5/8/2021 c74 Kungfupacman
Hope you are alive and well, definitely one of my favorite stories. The sheer will and dedication you had to keep this going for FREE for 8 years is insane. The entirety of the DOW 2 and Chaos rising arcs were amazing, and I'm loving the retribution portion so far. Nikephoros fall just hit different. Hopefully we get to see the end to Augustine's arc along with the rest of the story. Good luck with things. Looking forward to next chapter!
9/27/2020 c7 CopperCruiser1
A good introduction of key Blood Ravens officers and their personalities. A pleasant tour of the Armageddon is given with a summary of the precarious situation the 4th Company holds in regard to manpower. Smoothly followed by brilliant depictions and details of those who shall come to due battle in the future both near and far off. The stage is set and with the actors introduced, now the end of the prologue draws near.
A wonderful chapter that leaves me curious for more!
8/25/2020 c74 Gargamageddon
Just binged the whole thing. Probably the best Warhammer fic I’ve ever read
8/23/2020 c6 CopperCruiser1
Good Chapter. For most battles there is a briefing beforehand. Here we see a gathering of officers discussing numbers of a force that by all rights should not have even gotten as far as they did. Coincedence? We shall see. I found the brief effectiveness of Astartes combat shotguns to be informative as before this I had always assumed that bolter and bolt pistols were used by all scouts. Whether under assault or not the Administratum stills functions, makes me sad when I think of what happens to these poor souls when Tyrannids and Chaos consume or take over a world. Enjoyed seeing the Astartes securing key objectives despite the ongoing battle. A brief glance at the death of a vandis soldier and how Augustine deals with it is interesting to how I believe that Lyon would deal with such an occurrence. Looking forward to rereading more of this fanfiction.
5/25/2020 c21 Guest
No one on one confrontation between Idranel and Tarkus' Terminators?
5/25/2020 c16 Guest
Martellus instead of Cyrus explains of the Tyranids in such detail and it is he and not Angelos who comes up with the suggestions plans to defeat them?
5/25/2020 c16 Guest
The earlier Chapters leading to this established how much Thaddeus adores Thule and also a disagreement between Thaddeus and Aramus with regards to Thaddeus' tactics. Thaddeus was already established in the game as a bit rash and impulsive, so him faulting the FC for Thule's wounding is understandable, but I believe that the FC would have given Thaddeus a beating himself for throwing that punch. The FC is a real bad ass after all, and while all the Space Marines of DOW2 are very formidable, one on one, the FC would be favoured against them except Captain Angelos and Diomedes. Nevertheless, Avitus bluntly checking Thaddeus for that as he did is fully on point.
5/25/2020 c13 Guest
Thaddeus defeating the Force Commander that easily isn't believable. At least if he did, it could have been fluffed that they had many sparring contests and the Commander won most of them...
5/24/2020 c5 CopperCruiser1
A step up from the last chapter and an improvement it is! Another example of Astartes' physical abilities is seen as the Cyrus and the squad easily scale an incline of debris at a 45 degree angle. Also the quick clotting of the body seen when Nikephoros suffers a grazing shot which clots quickly. Sergeant Cyrus doing an excellent job as a leader and trainer of Astartes. He allows personal initiative as seen when he allows Augustine to observe the rebels position and setup. No words of glory, faith, or heroics, just pragmatic logic and actions. Cyrus calls out instructions in combat to focus targets of importance and does not shout out "For the Emperor!" as the squad approaches the enemy rear, but rather maintains silence to maximize the element of surprise. Excellent chapter!
5/24/2020 c4 CopperCruiser1
A nice short chapter that provides a bit of context about the situation on Meridian. Good squad action that showcases some of the physical abilities of the Astartes. Strong bodies as was demonstrated by the overpowering of Novus. Fast enough reaction time to slay them before the rebels and mercenaries could fire a shot. As well as the uncompromising mindset of some Astartes as was seen when the young girl begged for mercy and was slain after she regretted her actions as well as when Lyon killed Shanks with little afterthought merely classifying him as a traitor. A good chapter that promises more good story to come.
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