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11/7/2011 c1 6President Snow
...Why does this not have more reviews? D8

Wow. This is beautiful- I absolutely love it. :D It's probably my favourite story out of yours, to be honest. :) Normally, I wouldn't like POV changes in each section, but you made it work really well. :D

I didn't find any mistakes here... So kudos to you and Sy! :) This is pretty much a useless review, but eh, what can I say about this piece apart from how much I love it? :P

Keep writing!

10/7/2011 c1 26ghettos
Sixth review~

Honestly, I'm appalled. I'm reviewing this so late, yet I'm your sixth reviewer. This one-shot is beautiful. Gorgeous. Unequivocally fantastic. It deserves so, so much more than six reviews. And as Sy said, all those fangirly stories get 12 a chapter, and you only have six.

But - in response to your PM, I think /this/ is definitely your best work (:
8/30/2011 c1 9Sun Daughter
I can't believe I'm reviewing this so late.

I really love where you've taken the prompt. When I saw the alert email, I saw the summary, and I swear my jaw dropped. I'd completely forgotten about it, and this piece is so fabulously thought out and has such a clean conflict that I would never have thought it was written based off a prompt.

This is probably going to sound odd, but I feel that with each piece you publish, you get better. It's weird, because your writing was already very good, but now it's like... exceptional. The vocabulary, sentence structure, characterization, and detail, it's all spot on. Your creativity is also amazing.

Fifth reviewer... that's just... well, let's just say that this deserves so much more attention than it's got.

Au revoir, mon ami,

8/19/2011 c1 26Syberian Quest
You only got three reviews for this, which saddens me greatly. It deserves more. Many, many more. I mean, you worked so hard on this and did such a fantastical job, but still all those fangirlish stories get about a dozen a chapter. / sigh / This world saddens me.

Anyway, I think I've already told you just about everything that I have to say. Being the historical/cultural nerdy junkie that I am, I absoultely adored the oldish style of language and the little bits of Gaelic/Irish here and there. It made it flow so nicely and very poetically. And even though it is AU, I think I agree that this sort of makes a better ending. :) The style, also, was very unique. I've never seen it done like that before, and despite knowing it wasn't originally your plan, I think it worked out really nicely despite the roadbumps. Wonderfullly done!

If there are any grammar mistakes, it's probably my fault, and I really don't have anything to pick out... Oh, one thing I felt like briefly mentioning, although it really doesn't make much difference, is genre. Hurt/Comfort /does/ work, although to me, I think family might have been more appropriate because it's a famiy-tragedy going on. That, of course, is entirely up to you. Both work fine. :)

Again, brilliantly done, twinsie. And thanks for the shout-out. I feel so special. ♥

8/17/2011 c1 pennilee
This is great. :)
8/17/2011 c1 2limping llama
I quite enjoyed this. :)

Although I don't like stories about the original Cahills ( at least in comparison to Grace's and Hope's generation), this was a lovely piece to read. :) It was much more realistic. :)

However, I felt as if something was missing. I can't pinpoint it exactly. Perhaps the sense of danger? Or adrenaline? Or perhaps it is just me...

However, it was nice to read the Old English style, as I'm reading Dan Brown at the moment. The description and the poetic flow was fantastic (as usual), and the bits of foreign language (Irish, perhaps?) were a nice touch. :)

I use way too many "However"s and ":)"s. Oh well.

Again, amazing job.

8/16/2011 c1 22Volcanic Lily
I DID enjoy the AUness. This was very good, well-written, and also pretty original (since there are some fics about the original Cahills, but not nearly enough, in my opinion). And don't worry, I wasn't confused by the switching of POVs. Pretty much, what I'm saying is *pats on the back* awesome job! :D


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