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for Redux 3: There Goes My Hero

12/25/2013 c33 14you know not
I probably should have brought this up sooner in the previous chapter, but does Madame Rouge working with Void mean that she was the woman they were talking about back in chapter 13 of this story after all? I mean, I thought the hint about not killing the Desade kids was a big giveaway to it, but then you threw us a curveball by her working alongside Antoine against Gar. Now seeing her working with Void has me wondering if she was the woman they were talking about that far back, and that she was just pretending to work with Antoine that whole time (what can I say? I look a little too deep into things at times).

It's been awhile, but I can't recall T&P ever telling Gar about a person named Black Myst. Heck, I can't remember there being any talk about Black Myst at all aside from this and the previous chapter. Well it has been awhile since I last read any of this, and I guess it could have all been subtle.

I really liked the talk between Gar, Amanda Waller, and the League. Gar and Amanda just gave so many examples of how the League could help the Titans without directly being there to help them. Though I am curious if the costumed heroes that Waller was talking about are people that volunteered for some government experiment, or if these people got their powers and/or skills before that (just because a person gets super powers without the government's help doesn't mean they wouldn't offer their skills to the government after all). Boy, are the bad guys going to flip when they find out that the new group of heroes are part of the government.

The fight on the island was just great, and I enjoy seeing Gar's power evolve like that. I have to say though that I am surprised that he could call animals, bugs, and such from miles and miles away. I know that he has used this power of his before in your series, but I always assumed that the animals that were at his beck and call were a lot closer than that.

Now, it's already made obvious that Slade is taking over the Illuminati. However, is he part of Void's (or more like Ripper's) branch at controlling the city, or did they simply make a deal not to get in the other's way.

On another note: while I know it hasn't been that many chapters since I asked this, it has been months. Are we ever going to find out who kidnapped Dr. Light back in "Redux 1: The Watchman" or is it just going to remain a mystery for some reason? I'm sorry if you made some sort of mention about it in one of the earlier chapters, but I just can't find any clues to who or why. I for one would like to know what happened. The guy gets kidnapped for months, and then comes back and creates his own crime syndicate. I'm starting to wonder if he was ever really kidnapped at all, and just staged it the whole time to build his syndicate without notice.

It was cool seeing my character mentioned again, by the way.
12/24/2013 c33 32Anonymous Void
Actually, in comparison, this update came at a fast clip. This story arc is finally over but the tale itself is far from over. Light has been screwed over in more ways than one, there's going to be a fallout over Gar's decision to bring in the JLA, and the reach of the Void Coalition has lengthened to who knows how long. What those effects will be, hopefully, won't be kept from us from long.

So we should be expecting a four-way negotiation scene next chapter? That's going to be fun. I have a few ideas of what it's about however I have a feeling that there are going to be more things at work. A few twists here and there? Who knows what's going to happen. Then the return of Deathstroke. What brought him back? Don't tell me he's employed by Void. He's employed by Void, isn't he? Those Xavier androids are typically a dead giveaway that Void is involved.

Yet, for those of us who have been reading this world of yours, we all know who's bloody hand is behind all of this. When is Ripper going to show his ugly mug again? At this point, it could be argued he's Watchman's bogeyman, a caricature created to profess innocence, an argument made by those who have yet to find any traces of him. Have Ripper's goals changed or are they the same as they were in the original story?

Other than a missing word, there's not much I can talk about that could improve this story. Other than inflating your ego, I can't think of a way to make this review anymore helpful and I know that you like reviews that are helpful. So, I await the next chapter and hope you have a Merry Christmas along with a Happy New Year.
12/21/2013 c32 Loyaltothelegion
Gar is back! I'm so glad your writing again. I've read all the way through and honestly, you are an utterly amazing writer. The characters are brilliant, especially gar, t&p and live wire. If the watchman and raven doesn't work out, live wire would also be a brilliant pairing. Rose Desade is awesome too. Kind of hoping she eventually joins the watchman's group.
Again, I'm ecstatic that your back!
12/16/2013 c32 14you know not
I cannot tell you how happy I am to see that you are actually continuing this story. It's been so long since the last update that I just assumed it was abandoned, but I'm glad that's not the case. I'm also happy to hear that if you ever were to quit on this story of yours that you would actually announce it (not many people on here bother doing that).

From what I'm getting here, Red-X called Slade before Slade called Void, and Void called Bryson all to let the other know that it was time to attack the Illuminati's HQ while the Illuminati's main forces are attacking the Titans. Wow, that's a lot of calls to give the signal to attack one location. This also gives a good explanation to what Slade and Void were discussing back in chapter 30. No doubt Slade calling Nightwing with a warning of the assault was part of the plan to keep the main forces of the Illuminati busy as long as possible, and the fact Slade's that kind of villain anyways.

I'm kind of surprised to see Red-X in here. As far as I know, he just cares about getting money, so I wouldn't think he would care about some city war or whatever that's going on. Then again, who's to say that he's not getting paid for all of his work in this? If he's working for Slade, then I think that's perfect. I honestly don't know why I don't see people get Red-X to work for Slade more often (even just for a brief moment).

I should have known that Gar would mix the dream world for the real one after waking up from such a detailed dream. It's just going to get worse for him when he relies that he's not retired or doesn't have a daughter. Then again, it will probably be worse for the people that put him under in the first place.

If this was on TV, I would probably be more excited by the build up to what's to come in the next chapter.
12/15/2013 c32 32Anonymous Void
It's a chapter long in the making my friend. Going to have to reread some previous chapters and get in the mindset again but outside of that, this was an okay chapter. The action is starting and I know how well you do action scenes. The only question is how long they will last.

So while the Illuminati engage with the Titans, the Void Coalition is making its move on some vaults. They wouldn't happen to be Illuminati vaults, would they? This would be a good time to hit the Illuminati hard and hit them hard when they least expect it. Meanwhile, Gar's back in the realm of the living and he's prepare to fight for the sake of an illusion that he has yet to realize doesn't exist. Whoever this Black Myst is, she's in for a big surprise. Odds are she'll have Gar or should I say the Watchman on the ropes for a bit until he turns it around.

I didn't get the sense this was jumping around and it works when the combat begins. All chaotic and whatnot. It's good to see you're back but for how long, we'll see won't we.
12/8/2013 c31 Papayaman
Can you please Update? Love both published drafts, can;t wait to see how things progress!
10/27/2013 c31 1GarLogan676
Update please! I love this story, and Gar's change from goofy lovable kid to a gritty, mature badass, man. I also would like to know whether or not The Baptist's issues with Gar are wholly personal, wholly professional, or a ix of the two, you know?
7/25/2013 c3 Jenna Berry
It's pretty strange thinking of Beast boy like that. It's just he's so sweet and Innocent. So I'm surprised. But your story is really good. And WHERE IN THE FLIPPING WORLD IS CYBORG. Did he like disappear.

And omg is Raven misses Starfire that much imagine Nightwing. My heart goes out to him. :(

And this is a BB/Rae story ? Awesome 3

I kind of miss Starfires weird talking and all. Now I wanna cry. :c *starts crying* I'm a sad little girl.

But cool story (:
7/1/2013 c31 New york Mike
I miss this story,Since i want to know whats going Gar going to wake up from this dream?what will happen when he does?He sees that the life he lived was just a dream?I hope you update soon
1/21/2013 c31 14you know not
I have been thinking for over a week of what to say besides "good chapter" and all that other stuff and I only have a few things to say about the chapter still.

I am curious if Boomerang is actually going to give Nightwing the real information, or if it's going to be false information. I know villains back-stab each other quite often, but if the pay is easier (and perhaps better) than working alone, then I don't see why they wouldn't lie about important details involving the people they work for or with (they're villains; they're allowed to lie).

I wonder if Scarecrow is going to want something from Gar if he manages to scare him awake, or if he just thinks Gar provides a form of entertainment to the world of fear (it's hard to tell with guys like him sometimes).
1/12/2013 c31 The Reviewer
A fucking amazing just wondering how will Gar react to waking up and finding out its not real?Also he will feel a little awful he didnt save his daugter..out in his dream?
1/11/2013 c31 32Anonymous Void
I was a bit lost at the beginning, I'll admit. Had to go back to the last chapter and refresh my memory before I could get into this one. Quite a time gap there. Anyway, Light's up to something big it seems. Ambitious as well. Something tells me not everything will go according to plan. However, if Nightwing thinks ahead, he could deprive the Illuminati of at least one possible victory by transferring Boomerang and Atomic Skull to another location. Then it'l just be the Titans facing off against an Illuminati attack and trying to protect Gar.

That was an odd costume for Gar's daughter. Dressing up like Arkham Asylum Scarecrow and then having the real deal show up like that. Speaking of which, I haven't figured out how Dr. Crane is doing that.

Looking at that Author's Note of yours, it sounds like Dr. Light is underestimating Void. That goes back to the ambitious portion I mentioned earlier. Light wants to take out not only the Titans but the organized crime groups as well. And last I recall, didn't Void make himself the one support keeping Jump City from collapsing into ruin? Or has that bit changed? Well, if this is the last politics chapter, for now, next chapter should have some action in it, shouldn't it?
12/29/2012 c30 New york Mike
I feel like this monolith,is something that will make Gar wake sad that he made a life in his dreams,he was happy and soon he wakes up he will realize it never happend...It can happen in the future thing is he will see Raven and remember his wife and the "moments"he had with her.
12/20/2012 c30 14you know not
It's always odd when you're dreaming that you're dreaming. While I would guess that dream-Gar was having a nightmare about Ripper due to Ripper being the head bad guy, I couldn't help but think of the Black Lantern Corps what with all the undead and the man wearing black. I highly doubt you're actually going to put that into the real world of the story, but that's just what came to mind when I read it.

There's just something about Void being smug (or in my opinion, just overly cocky) whenever he's in the presence of a dangerous person that just seems to work. He takes care of all the finances and stuff like that, and is pretty much the middle man that all the head villains need around for one reason or another, so they can't just kill him without looking for a replacement. The things he said about the outfits that super villains and heroes wear is so true though. I wonder what business Slade has with him.

Firefly and Livewire: two villains (then again, Livewire's more of the anti-hero by now) facing it off. It was short, but what do you expect when you have a guy with a powerful flamethrower and electric gal fighting each other in a building. I'm guessing you took the liberty of developing Livewire's character a little bit, what with the fact she decide to help the people she's working with get out of the burning building as oppose to getting Firefly.

Dr. Light's plan seems good and sound, but he's a bad guy so you know he's going to lose somehow in the end. If those underground tunnels that Slade created several years ago are suppose to be the same ones that he actually created in the series, then that's just sad for the Titans. I mean, if they never bothered to destroy those tunnels, then at least say they made some security defenses in them because it would just be so stupid on their part otherwise.
12/17/2012 c30 32Anonymous Void
The scene breaker between the scene with Jake and the girls and Dr. Light shaking hands with Void is ill placed in my opinion.

Mr. Wilson, or should I say Deathstroke, is paying Void a visit? For what reason, I wonder. With so many people after Gar for a death warrant on his head, the last person Gar needs after him is Deathstroke. But then, these enemies of the Watchman are crafty, so whatever purpose of motivation for this is, there's something else bubbling below the surface.

The banter between Livewire and Firefly was amusing. Seems like Firefly took some pointers from the big bad Bat. Livewire was more consumed with trying to take Firefly down that she didn't mind her surroundings.

There's more to this monolith. Definitely a 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. Maybe...maybe it's not this avatar of death but a portal out of this fantasy of Gar's. Whatever is affecting him is trying to prevent this from occurring. And of course Rachel has to come back just as Raven returns, just like you pointed out in a previous chapter. And the man in black...Ripper? Or a new adversary that has yet to appear? Hmm, I'm going with Ripper, the monster that always invades Gar's nightmares.

So Void is literally crack? That's a compliment if I ever saw one. Perhaps the most human villain in this story.
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