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for Her Body's Plaything

9/30 c72 TheLostArchivist
This one's going on my "favorite stories" list. Between the NWCF and the earlier philosophical argument over what it means to be human, on top of a good story, it's definitely one to remember.
8/28 c105 KOTHP5532
Damn Good. Just posting to make it easier for others on this site to find the story.

I'll definitely check out Ragnarok666.

You did a great job. There's tons of spelling errors, and while it does detract from your story, it never does so to the point of incoherence.

The broodmothers need more time to shine. Sa'ti and Med'ea were used enough, but it seems you completely dropped Zagara (the first broodmother, the one saved from Char, sorry if I got her name wrong) ... a shame, she'd make for a great "traditionalist Zerg" viewpoint. I feel she should have beat up Kerrigan over her failures, like the battle at Dead Man's ... um Point?

Or at least been a supporter of Atabar's traditional views ... I know he did a great job, but Zargara felt sidelined. I would see her as fine with a tad more attrition to satisfy her queen's newfound moral whims, but constantly on the lookout for emotional weakness, and confused/betrayed that Kerrigan is going back on "might makes right".

Other than that ... I don't have much to criticize. Pacing is very, very good: The rising action ends just before the climax, so the halfway point feels like chapter 80 out of 105. Around when Raynor is rescued from Morrigan's White Star.

Um ... sorry Blizzard doesn't care for their characters. Given their talent, that what probably went wrong. Funny how art flourishes in adversity, not necessarily when one is replete with resources from a prior success. You made something beautiful here, and I will sent it to my friends once they've played through SC 2.
7/5 c94 Guest
Mengsk being at peace seems the peace of total denial rather than the peace of assurred victory.
3/6/2019 c6 Ixantremmyname
I daresay... you don't know sc2 very well do you? Umojan Protectorate was seemingly lead by valerian, who helped kerrigan control,zerg,powers, and general rehabilitation, I've only rea till chapter five... . You might wanna look up info on Raynor's Raiders... displaying them like that w zerg expt,on chapter 1..
7/9/2018 c54 Akuma-Heika
"The Overmind was never omniscient, even if his power allowed him to appear that way. He could not have predicted the artifact, or that the Terrans would ever be able to use it on you.
Since the visions of the future are from the Overmind, and go along a future where Jim used the artifact, and allowed Tychus to kill her (or killed her himself), the Overmind did know of the Aritfact, and that the Terrans would successfully use it.
1/9/2018 c105 8Zoe Walker
Blizzard should be hiring you instead of the team they've got writing for Starcraft.
10/23/2017 c5 pt1oef
A good reference for writing a somehow similar FanFiction after your work.
10/23/2017 c2 pt1oef
After so long time, I read this FanFiction again, and suddenly find it is better than I First time read it.
8/27/2017 c105 Scarease
Great story so far the only problem i have with was how human the infected were i could see experimented ones have such thing but do to genetic mutations down to the Genome level Zerg would have removed these things seeing them as Flawed .Logic ,Reason ,and Swarm Survival would .Fear used safety to alert of danger to appoint ,rage can use to ignore damage that would cause one to pass out ,Curiosity used to discover new food ,tools and thing to improve the Swarm,Creativity much the Like Zerg Splicer would constantly seek to develop new strains ,mutations ,and adaption Would not stick Make one of something ,Would constantly seek to improve his own skills ,make more like to farther help the hive ,or even develop Lesser version of Queen of Blades ,As Zerg I would Fascinated by Insects do the they similarity .Plus wipe out entire species to integrate them into swarm almost seems wasteful were Farming them or cultivate plants and animal for Biomass ,genetic material ,Leave Some alive so that may Latter on in live farther evolve provide new genetic mutations and diversity for the Swarm .Hell Future conflict would also like force Zerg to Adapt and evolve Farther much Diversity and Tactics.

I Have Handful of Idea for Oc's and at least 2 story Idea But do to My bad education and the fact have hard time fill the space between moment have thought of I like need a Partner or Someone to share my idea with chat idea to help craft the story As the co writer.
8/27/2017 c101 Scarease
I Smell big pig or Is that smell of Destroyed Ego of Emperor.
8/27/2017 c93 Scarease
Evil takes the form those that are extreme selfishness ,egotistic ,master of self Denial and twist rationality to justify any thing they do and say never excepting that they at fault .Look no farther then about 98 lawyers ,judges ,and government and politics Leaders .
8/27/2017 c52 Scarease
Is lion evil for eating the zibra if so then humanity evil for the genicide ,enslavement other species and other groups of humans.
8/26/2017 c38 Scarease
In Karrigans place I would taken only some then breed more genetic and bio-mass .let the rest continue living .Having a planet with fast growing wild life I would cultivate the animals and leave some wild life free as well .so animals not going extinct and my swarm as fast maturing source of Bio-mass to farm .
8/22/2017 c71 Transreal Clouden
So Morrigan has forgotten his conversation with Mengsk about Hybrids back when he first visited Dead Man's Rock. And Mengsk has also forgotten that conversation?

Also he's reacting to hybrids in almost the opposite way?

I like this story but wow is that a continuity error.
6/8/2017 c105 1Ilireanwri
This Story is very good. I love it. I like how you portrayed the Zerg (at least the leader class) as sentient beings but with a rather different way of thinking than humans, which makes them believable and gives them an 'alien-feeling' at the same time (I liked how you managed to portray the clash between the different cultures and make it so realistic). I also like how you fleshed out the infested Terrans and showed Sarah's struggle with herself...
And at the same time you still managed to include a fair share of funny moments (I loved the whole Nydus worm charity thing :)... I laughed so hard).
I'm looking forward to read the next part, because this is one of the best Starcraft stories I've read so far.
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