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9/4/2018 c1 916Fa
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9/1/2018 c1 bSBjR
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6/19/2018 c17 James Birdsong
6/15/2018 c17 17gorgeousshutin
Oh you started a new arc! Nice.
5/23/2018 c16 gorgeousshutin
Another intriguing chapter!
5/23/2018 c16 James Birdsong
Nice. Beautiful
3/29/2018 c15 James Birdsong
Marvelous chapter
8/10/2017 c1 10HopesTweet
Cool fanfic, but with the Evangelion inclusion, wouldn't it make more sense if it were in the crossover section?
6/9/2017 c14 James Birdsong
Nice. Awesome.
6/9/2017 c14 17gorgeousshutin
And the whimsical wistful cutsy surreal-ness continues. I must say, Utena deciding to meet Santa on her own terms is just so HER.
1/12/2017 c13 James Birdsong
Cool. Cute. Awesome.
1/10/2017 c1 gorgeousshutin
Still beautifully surreal. You've combined childlike idealism with more mature themes quite well. Love it!
11/17/2012 c12 James Birdsong
Awesome chapter
11/12/2012 c11 James Birdsong
Yay for the two chapters. Hooray.
11/11/2012 c10 gorgeousshutin
Thanks for the very quick updates, QQQQQ!
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