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for Childhood of the Illegitimate

11/3/2011 c1 yubima-chan
hi, i like this history... (sorry, but the english isnot mi firt languaje)

i wanto know how do you get a lot of information, that comes from the serie, but there is another that isnt in it and in some way fix propertli

i hope you continue this, i really like it


my fav part:

"You are a sharp one. Yes, that is my intent. I believe destiny brought you to your position within the palace. It brought us to this night together. I believe there is a darkness coming; not too soon, but it is approaching. It will envelope all of Gaea, and I would like our countries to have whatever small union against it."

There was a long pause as Esesra mused over his words.

"Turn that frown over child; our Reader believes it is a few years away yet!"

Esesra managed a smile. "To protect our countries that we love." She held out her hand to the Alorian.

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