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12/17/2013 c16 8Gura Kruor
How bold of Allen but is IC for him. Poor Dryden, no Aston sister took him seriusly before being him an intelligent man *a Dryden fan on board* that last line... is Dryden going to appear at least? *x*
12/17/2013 c15 Gura Kruor
Who could've thought that Marlene was the smartest of the three, her father didn't noticed her interest because she is really good at acting and got what she wanted: Allen at her side with her father permission. These handmeidens covering for Marlene, they must be tryly loyal to her, then wouldn't they have guessed that these two were having an afair when it happened? But having them at her side was a good move to get her goal, a good move indeed.

The sin of Allen... on my sides!
12/17/2013 c14 Gura Kruor
These male teenage hormones, in front of him is the girl who helped him to retrieve his house and he goes for the girl who just helped him to paint said house... oh the irony, nobody knows for whom they are working for.
12/17/2013 c13 Gura Kruor
Good job Grava, put the handsome knight with your eldest daughter who loves romantic novels is not as if he were to make a Chid to her.

Sorry for the lame pun but I couldn't resist uxu
12/17/2013 c12 Gura Kruor
Marlene must do her own reseach the next time, she likes the boy and even wants to marry him and doesn't even know if he lives in the city or in another place. Romantic novels have cluded her vision surely.
12/17/2013 c11 Gura Kruor
The Marlene Schezar killed me, she is really idealistic and didn't tought about the consequences of her having that name if that could be possible, but well she is a daydreamer and a romantist so I can't blame her, plus Allen is a ladykiller even if he doesn't want to do it... or did he wanted to give her that impression?
12/17/2013 c10 Gura Kruor
It was my imagination or his offer to carry her things by speaking in her ear was a hint that he indeed liked her since the tournament?
12/17/2013 c9 Gura Kruor
Luceeeeeeeen! He is so direct yet polite because she is a princess. When Eries revoked his right to speak I pictured her with a more mature vibe almost as we know her from the series.

Then is the King suspicious about Eries and her behaviour? What was what made him assign her to a knight?

But then is chapter ten at the turn of a corner and is so tempting to read it...
12/17/2013 c8 Gura Kruor
Damn you uncle Nueva, you are the evil mastermind behind all the misfortune in Eries' love life and to make it worse in Mahad's love life.

Poor Allen he was waiting for Eries that day but instead got Marlene and ruined his life forever.

Arrika is a smart girl, I think she noticed Eries' interest on Allen before Eries herself but that's just my opinion.

Chapter nine... en garde!
12/16/2013 c7 Gura Kruor
Poor Eries, being out the Aston circle since the very beginning must be hard, Marlene and Millerna even have names that are alike and there is Eries who is even physically different from them. But that's why I love her, she is an outcast and even being one she does fine in society and even in the councill; she doesn't need her appearance to win the admiration of the people, it's not as if she isn't beautiful because she is, but she doesn't relly on that alone to be remembered.

Eries' interaction with Arrika seems too natural, the Fassa is a natural merchant so she negotiates her options with the princess who is a natural politician. They are Grava and Meiden in a younger female version to me.

The reason behind Marlene's vacations will be mentioned? I can see that the encounter between she and Allen is close... and the world of Eries will change that day TxT
12/16/2013 c6 Gura Kruor
Well, I tought that Eries was the first one to see Allen for the women gossiping about him after she saw him in the garden but now the image is clearer now that you state that Marlene was the first one who saw Allen. Sorry for the assumptions and the unnecessary ceers uxu

Arrika is so Dryden-like, no bothersome etiquette in her just the truth and nothing more.

I feel so identificated with a parent wishing for you to be a man just for being the firstborn, oh my heart TxT

These loud handmeidens don't know what their place is, they don't have the right to boss around a princess and less if the princess stated many times what were their tastes, they got what they win with their attitude.

Question: Are Jadene and Lydell going to appear or just mentioned? *keeps reading*
12/16/2013 c5 Gura Kruor
Eries strucks straight as an arrow, if she wants something she just tell it. Kinda rushed their friendship but these two seem to be the kind of pair that doesn't need words to understand eachother. "I don't understand hal of what you are talking about but it is really fun to listen about it" was the feel I got but I am not sure if that was the intention.

The problem with the shades of every color is bothersome to me too! For me is Dark [insert color] Color Light [insert color] and that's all. After searching the chartreuse color I must say that... in fact any shade of green [but the phosphorescent] is going to be of my liking uxu

And now that I remember, not many escacharacters have green in their clothes... or that could be only my imagination.
12/16/2013 c4 Gura Kruor
Balgus might be a fearsome man in the outside but he has a golden heart... I still feel my heart shater into pieces everytime the nameless dragonslayer... well, slays him.

Grava was kinda predicting something, well all of us know that in the future he will have a reason named Chid to be angry at Allen.

It could be my imagination but, maybe he wasn't looking at Eries but at Marlene, well I will know in the next chapter.
12/16/2013 c3 Gura Kruor
Well, this is awkward - "I don't remember quite well, but isn't Allen some months younger than Eries herself? The wikia now says otherwise but gladly I saved that info in a notepad some years ago." It was cleared in this chapter so I apologize for mentioning it before uxu

That Allen, speaking with any girl as if they were friends his ladykiller skills at sight since the very beginning. He knows how to het in a maiden heart... with a sad story about his past of course!

How smart of Eries - "My father works at the palace" telling him the truth and not telling him the important part of that truth she is an intelligent girl.
12/16/2013 c2 Gura Kruor
These two are polar opposites, Marlene has her private teacher and only thinks about romance and Eries has to hide to read books. But I can picture them that way, Marlene a daydreamer and Eries a girl with her feet in the ground as always.

Eries saw Allen first! I knew it I knew it, she was the first and always will be the first.

PS: I don't remember quite well, but isn't Allen some months younger than Eries herself? The wikia now says otherwise but gladly I saved that info in a notepad some years ago.
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