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for Maha's Tale

10/4/2014 c1 Grim Junior
You are amazingally talented
7/14/2012 c1 3AladdinIRL
I hate OCs too 3
8/19/2011 c1 7Spazzy Bunny
Very very good.

I liked all the detail in one short story, it impressed me greatly in a one shot i could feel this much, its fantastic and quite fancsitnating.

I thought this was a greeat story

You do vert well with maplestory fan fics.

Keep writing
8/19/2011 c1 2TheDarkScythe
Greetings. Though I was not familair with your FF ID, somehow, your description enticed me.

For the story, it seemed like children's fairytale a little if you ask me but don't get me wrong, I do not mean to say your idea was immature. Try doing things like not using words that go straight to the point. Make it a little more enigmatic.

Good job, I did not see spelling mistakes here! However, I did detect one or two minor grammatic errors though, but since no one is perfect, I won't make a big deal out of it.

I would give a 8.2/10 overall if I were to rate it (For serious writers like Absol and Kal, I give 9.8 and rarely I gave out 10)

Well, hope to see better works from you in the near future. Read two of my (sucky) stories if you haven't! Sayonara!

From, TheDarkScythe

AKA, the grim reaper who prefers pen over scythes

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