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for Bourne 2 Fly

9/3/2011 c2 4Mysteriogirl96
keep going, I'm really liking this so far.
8/28/2011 c2 The Raven of Never-Nevermore
amazing chapter blair! i loved how Jake and Evan are, i bet they're great friends in real life. i think it's great that you had this be Evan's POV on the contest and meeting Blair!
8/28/2011 c2 21Miss-RKO
Sis this is so much fun to read! ^^

Awwwww Blair is incredibly adorable and the video that she sent to the WWE is frigging hilarious and I enjoyed every single one of her impersonations!

Can't believe she could do so many impersonations at once... ^^

Simply awesome!

Evan and Swagger's relationship is so adorable and yeah I have to agree that he's such a teaser :D

I think that they will probably be some interruptions in the match..

So glad that u wrote this in Evan's POV and I think that he will start crushing on your character soon. ^^

I really enjoyed every bit of this... XD

Can't wait to read more and pls update soon..

You're such an awesome author.. :D

Signing off and stay awesome sis :D
8/22/2011 c1 The Raven of Never-Nevermore
super SUPER awesome! i can't wait to see what happens next! Evan is so awesome ^^
8/19/2011 c1 Miss-RKO
Hey sis this is awesome to the max! Love it. XD

Wooooooooooooooooo! Lucky Girl!

You are so damn lucky for being a valet to Evan!

Oh My Gooodness, How awesome can that be! :D

Awww Evan is really sweet!

Good songs for the nightclub scenes, ummm I recommend:

Rihanna S&M

Flo Rida Right Round

Enrique Tonight I'm lovin you (Clean version of course)

Enrique I like it

Katy Perry E.T.

This chap is really enjoyable and so much fun to read!

I loved how you described the feelings in this story!

Good job sis and can't wait to read more!

Stay Awesome Sis :D

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