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for The philosopher stone is being read!

2/3/2020 c2 catspats31
The story is good, but since it has the copied excerpts of the "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" book, it breaks the following part of the Content Guidelines:

Actions not allowed:
3. Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

You should remove all of the direct dialogue from the book and make the story so that the characters react to the book without using direct dialogue from the book.
3/16/2015 c2 Winry-Rockbell-Potter
2/24/2014 c2 DoublePaws
Wow! I totally can't wait for the next chapter!
10/17/2012 c2 1fingersstainedwithink
Can you please update
4/15/2012 c2 8Pepperonyfan1982
ok good start

however, your spelling needs some work

and more to the point you need to check the epilogue for the spelling of Scorpious
4/3/2012 c2 1Lady Elena Bella Petrova
Love this chapter and story so far! can't wait to read more of this story later!
1/15/2012 c2 1bunnibits
It’s been a while since I read or even watched anything about Harry Potter. I do remember most of the main characters, and some are still new to me like your OCs.

However, this seems like a pretty interesting story. Characters getting sucked into portals remind me of the Time Warp Trio, which I loved as a kid. My only complaint is that you need to start a new paragraph every time a new character speaks, and refrain from using bold text so much. Other than that, this is a pretty cool idea, and I hope you continue it. :)
9/30/2011 c2 7Iloveallanime18
Yea! Show tht toad!
9/18/2011 c2 1serenityselena
great reactions...

can`t wait for the next chapter ^_^
9/18/2011 c2 Yellowtomato
I'm a little confused about Taylor and Natallie. You could also have a little more commentary from the past characters. I can't wait till they find out about the cupboard! UPDATE!
9/18/2011 c2 7yukikiralacus
Cupboard reactions should be good! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!
9/13/2011 c1 1serenityselena
amusing start... interesting twist...

hope to read more soon ^_^
8/19/2011 c1 11GendryandAryabelongtogether
Not a bad idea, but I think that was too forward and most of it was hard to understand. Can you proof-read your work to make it more understandable?

And Taylor Potts and Natallie there have to be OCs in this fic? Reading the books has to be canon otherwise it can screw up the entire purpose.

Anyway. Nice attempt and I'm looking forward to reading more :)

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