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6/7 c13 3badgerlady
I got completely sidetracked from another story reading this one, even knowing it was unfinished. I still hope you come back to it sometime.
6/6 c13 isabellaevamara
This is an amazing story so far. I hope it continues someday. never have i seen a harry potter fanfiction story like this where the adults finally start picking up the slack and behaving responsibility and acting instead of sitting idle in their positions and actually helping harry and trying to better the wizarding world, definitely not anywhere near to this extent at least.

love that harry and hermione are together, i've always felt that they should be, they just fit and seem to align in some intangible comfortable indescrible with words way.

great that harry's friends are actually fully behind him now not betraying/undermining him.

wonderful to see dumbledore finally co-operating and realizing his grave/severe mistakes.

amazing to see amelia finally living up to her character description/reputation instead of merely being another adult sitting idly by failing harry her own niece the school the goverment the wizarding world by her inability to act/constrained actions...which were normally constrained in most other stories i've read not by the government/fudge/wizengamot/laws/rules...much as she might seem to think it were the case, but by her own inability/unwillingness to act and lack of courage...she was director of law enforcement..the highest office in wizarding britain in terms of security and upholding law. she had strength in that all sides/parties saw her as ethical and fair and not out to get anyone and abiding by the law and holding everyone to it as best she could manage.

she was basically in charge of law enforcement and the government equivalent of assasins/military in the hit wizard corps... she was one of the positions in government responsible for keeping the wizarding world secret and updating the queen and the prime minister and liasing with the non-magical part of the government..she had very high almost bordering on unethical or at least undermining potentially checks and balances level of influence over the wizengamot both as a law making body and as a judicial body...

she effectively controlled much of the day to day running of the country in many respects/ways...

she didn't have the power politically quite to oust dumbledore, but she could have investigated or bypassed fudge for national security issues/concerns or other issues of that high level/concern to the nation at any time and dumbledore and the wizengamot likely would have backed her on nearly any play she made as long as it wasn't seen as unfair/unethical/biased too much.

she had even more potential power considering she always restrained herself from exercising her powers as much as she possibly could and gained respect for it...

but until this story in most other stories i've read she's been ineffective at best, and almost as much of a hinderance as fudge in some small ways at times simply because her lack of action prevents anything effective being done to stem the tide much less defend the country or counteract the terror/voldemort threat.

she's the only adult in many of the stories i've read positioned to even be able to offer harry any reasonable/legitimate/substantial/significant help of any kind/nature...and she doesn't not even after she is there in person at the tri-wizard tournament does she take action to investigate anything really even after harry offers to give the dmle his memories he is never taken up on it by amelia bones.

even in stories where she is on the guardian list and/or engaged to sirius black b4 he went to prison does she take any action at all to find harry or help harry after he goes to hogwarts or render aid in anyway at all, and in some of the stories i've read house bones is as tied/allied to the potters as house longbottom is.

i really like amelia's character so it leaves me in a quandry what the heck is going on with her and wondering if dumbledore bewitched/charmed/enchanted her like he does to mcgonagal in most of the stories i've read or something. because it is simply inexplicable why she does nothing. again and again and again. the other characters can blame their near worship of dumbledore, she can't since in almost every story she is either skeptical of dumbledore or outright against him and his manipulative nature and in some stories has been wanting to bring down dumbledore for years/decades. so why does she not help harry in any way in most stories.

so needless to say this story so far is amazingly refreshing as finally dumbledore realizes he needs to stop with the secrets and manipulation and finally amelia steps up to try to get things on track and clean up..

add to that support from all of his friends and now the goblins..this is shaping up to be an amazing story and is making me very happy so far reading it.
5/27 c1 AzureDragon363
Alternative Summary: Harry goes ape shit, and instead of being a pathetic little monkey, he discovers that he's King Kong
5/24 c13 3Ryan Chessman aka Crys
Grand story you were working on. Sad to see it's not going to be finished.
5/14 c1 Guest
Please keep writing don't end it unfinished pleease
5/1 c13 rubyred753
Enjoyable story. I would happily read more should circumstances and the writing muse inspire you to write again. You have great imagination and I envy your writing skills. .
4/23 c13 2Specky Clarke
great story with a lot of promise. Please continue writing, it would be a great loss to FanFiction if you didn't.
4/21 c5 7Wise Lion 17
Another not-so-abvious Conclusion should be that Harry might be a possible founder's heir bringing up the reason for his extreme power.

Just throwing that one out there everyone.
4/20 c13 14Freddie Rindklip
Very enjoyable fic. Thank you for writing
4/19 c12 marvinkitfox1
"sentient memories are usually good indicators of Horcruxes"?
So EVERY SINGLE portrait at Hogwarts is a horcrux?
After all, the Fat Lady guarding Gryffindor is not only *obviously* sentient, she has a whole personality with attitude, fears and all. And yes, chock-full of memories, to.

That is some really thin plot schmooze there!
4/13 c13 Bronze
Prank my ass! That was pure genius! Damn, but I wish you'd finish this! I really like it! But if your Muse has gone on an extremely long vacation with no intent to return then I'll have to settle for what there is. ;) Though, I give you my thanks for writing and posting this. It was quite enjoyable.
4/13 c13 plumbknot57
Absolutely bloody brilliant great story thanks
2/21 c12 Arjayess
Would have loved to see this finished.
2/16 c9 Bronze
This is YOUR story! Not mine nor anyone elses! If it was anyone elses then they could write it whatever way they wanted. They can advise you on how to writ it, any spelling or grammar errors but that's it! I can tell you if I like or dislike it or any part of it. But that's as far as I have any right to go! I've never published a story of any kind so I only offer suggestion on what I read of your works. Ignore the flamers and those that tell you you have to write it a certain way. It's not their story so they have no say. Be yourself and write your story your way. Anyhoo, about the story. This isn't the first time I've read where Fudge is a marked Death Eater. Unfortunately for me, I never finished reading it so really don't remember more then that.
1/28 c4 2Lordlexx
I think Sorcerer sounds cooler than Mage lol. But I would like to point out that there is a bit of a flaw with how you did your rankings. One of Dumbledore's titles is Grand Sorcerer, it's only really mentioned in Harry's Hogwarts invitation but it's still there. While I doubt you'll ever come back and do more with this story, if you did, it really wouldn't be that hard to add a few extra lines and adding that ranking in.
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