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for Light of the Wands

8/16/2020 c6 James Birdsong
Nice five chapters
7/31/2012 c6 Ace
i feel your pain i get writers block alot its such a pain but it usually happens to me when i'm alone & writing so no one's there to give me suggestions ( sorry but i cant think of anything so i'll just give moral support )
8/1/2012 c6 2CrimsonAsh28
Umm... ideas...
1) All of them are too emotional (currently) to spontaneously conform to the Jedi doctrine.
2) Ron typically had a good mind for warfare if you like writing Epic!Battles. However his personality can be abrasive, competitive and jealous - when he's not being a friendly, supportive mate.
3) Because Earth magic is so foreign it KO's the bad guys, so unless you wish this to be a very Super! fic try and incorporate so restrictions... Their education/ the bad guys defenses/ Hermione's morality... something.
4) Luna could really be anything you wanted, which probably doesn't help your block... so set her personality. Restrictions often help move a story forward, as odd as that may seem.
5) Focus on one side of the universe? Flicking between the separated couple could get choppy - unless, of course, the events on Earth are important to the plot line.
6) Harry falling to the Dark!Side is about as likely as Ginny dying. You've started a 'we miss our significant other's' bond between him and Anakin - develop it. Throw Ron/Hermione in the way. Does Harry save Anakin from falling? Does that effect the future for better or for worse? Palpatine has a strong foothold does the presence of these four shake his grip or only delay - it could hasten things too.
7) Hermione is bossy so people might become offended, however her thirst for knowledge and bravery may equally endear her to some. If they get to the Jedi Temple she would take over the library.

Finally. Go crazy and take your time.
My favorite stories are the ones that have huge depth and I don't mean 'meaningful' I mean original and complex. Work out what happens to the Galaxy and all the little butterfly effects that lead there.
Good luck,
9/27/2011 c6 1Faeriewitch13
Ginny and the other guy on earth should go to the ministry and tell ron's dad
9/27/2011 c1 Faeriewitch13
9/20/2011 c5 5Forcystus5
Hmm, I like the chapter but if you ask me, they aren't truly going to be secret weapons if Palpatin knows about them. He will just inform Dooku. Oh well, good is still good.
9/20/2011 c4 Forcystus5
Good chapter.
9/20/2011 c3 Forcystus5
This chapter was a little funny. Good work.
9/20/2011 c2 Forcystus5
Hmm, sooo since they are wizards they are force sensitive. Will they be jedi? Gotta read more.
9/20/2011 c1 Forcystus5
Okay, I think I will keep reading.
8/30/2011 c5 5IcestormisaNERD
I really like this, the chapters a little short, but it's still good
8/30/2011 c4 EgyLynx

intresting! how continue?
8/26/2011 c2 3OilWar
I like this plot =) Please continue it.
8/23/2011 c2 Yuna's Reincarnation-1
Gotta love Luna lol, update soon
8/22/2011 c2 15Morcelu
Hrm I like it and think you should keep writing. :)

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